Help with the math to maximize my fantasy baseball draft (very trivial!)

I think this is the right place to post this, if not may I burn forever in hell…

Anyhoo, being the super fantasy baseball geek I am, I want to come up with a spreadsheet to help maximize my draft for next year, but I’m terrible at math. I’m very good in Excel though, so that is my saving grace.

What I’m looking to do is determine what player position is most valuable. After all, if outfielders average 300 points/year and 1st basemen average 200 points/year it’s not clear which is a more valuable position as there are roughly 3 times more outfielders as first basemen. Another thing I want to consider is if, say, the top 10 outfielders all score high, but the gap between 10 and 11 is big, that changes the value of the top 10 versus 10-20 even greater and would be a factor in whether I might want to take a shortstop where the big gap between 5 and 6.

Not sure if any of that makes sense, I’m not the best at putting ideas to paper. But my thought is to put each position on its own sheet and somehow figure out each player’s “win share” over all. All I’m looking at is fantasy points in this case, don’t care about the actual baseball numbers. So, each sheet will have 2 columns like so:

Player                    Points
Pujols, Albert            331.0
Thome, Jim                302.5

And so on for each sheet for each position.

I guess my question is, what kind of math/formulas could tell me whether a pitcher with 300 points is worth more or less than a 3rd baseman with 300 points based on how many of each position exist.

I really want to be the Billy James of fantasy baseball :smiley: