Fantasy Baseball

My friend and I are looking for a Fantasy Baseball League. I have done quite a few searches and couldn’t find one that we liked.

My question is, do any other Dopers play Fantasy Baseball? And if so, is it a pay for league? We are looking for prizes at the end of the season. :slight_smile:

I personally play’s Baseball Challenge, which is free. As such, the prizes, unless you’re one of the lucky few, aren’t much of anything (unless you absolutely rock at the game).

But I’d be more than willing to start up a BBC league if enough dopers express interest.

It depends on what type of league you want. Are you looking for roto style, auction style, keeper leagues? Are you willing to spend real money?

The league I play in is called Boxscore Baseball. They have several types of leagues. I won’t post the site because I’m not sure of the guidelines here but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out based on the name.

Also, let me know if you do sign up since I can get a discount on my entry fee :smiley:

We had an SDMB fantasy baseball league last year in which (gulp!) I placed 6th out of 10 teams. It was done on Yahoo! fantasy sports. No doubt, as the season approaches, someone will bring it up and arrange another league.

Zev Steinhardt

I was also going to recommend Yahoo. I played there in 1999 (so not SDMB) and it worked out very well, except that since it was anonymous, a few people sort of dropped out or gave up towards the end, which made things a bit silly.

Anyway, you can count me in. I guess we’ve got a month or two before the draft, though.

There have been several fantasy baseball threads in MPSIMS. I’ll shoot this thread over there for you to see if anyone has any recommendations.

I play Scoresheet baseball. Not a prize league, but it’s the best fantasy baseball game I’ve encountered (I play in seven leagues, to give you an idea how much I like it). Unlike many other fantasy baseball players, I’m not snobbish towards Roto. But Scoresheet is the best.

I would like to play in a league that uses a simulation of the current stats of that year. In other words if Randy Johnson goes out, he goes out in your team as well.

Plus I am willing to pay money to do it as well. I like the prizes at the end of the season. :slight_smile:

I guess in the end if enough dopers want to play I can buy one of the software packages and run it myself. I have been known to do that in tha past. Did an APBA league in 92 and 93 and it was a hit.

If you are in a Windows 95+ environment, I’d reccomend getting the next edition of Baseball Mogul, due out around Opening Day. This site also lists leagues which use their program.