Fantasy Baseball

I’m going to be playing fantasy baseball for the second time this year and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on which sites are the best/worst. Last year I played a Yahoo roto league and a Sporting News salary cap style, and this year I’m trying to decide if I should stay with one of those or go with another like ESPN or one of the other ones.

Has anyone who has played a few of the others got some advice on which ones are good? What are some sites I might not have heard of that you enjoy? I’m somewhat serious about the fantasy game, but not completely fanatical, and I think I prefer a roto style game. I would like to do a live draft, so places with this feature are preferred.

Also, are there any SDMB fantasy leagues that might have an opening? I hate being in a league where nobody talks at all, and I imagine that wouldn’t be a problem if I were in a doper league.