Computer Craziness

So, like everyone around here I like to do stuff onlnie all the time. With my new spiffy collefe connection I can play games at hyper speeds and stay onlnie for days… at least I could. I’m not sure if thsi would be better here or GQ, but I guess either way it won’t get many responses. So, like every 15 minutes or some, my AIM will disconnect. It’s weird, because sometime I’ll still be connected to the network. I won’t have to relog in or anything. Other times nothing will stay connection and i’ll have to log in again. It’s not a network wide problem, because it’s only happening to me. I recently bought a new network card, so I doubt thats the problem, but who knows. Is there some sort of software problem? Does my computer hate me? Are network guys just trying to piss me off? Is the CIA monitoring my internet connection? Answers or advice would be most appreciated.

Um, yeah it does…with a description like that, it hates you.

Buck it up and give us the information we need to help you.

Operating system
Network situation
what exactly happens when you are logged out
Not a drunkard’s description of what is wrong