Computer dealer website that accepts PayPal?

I’ve sold a lot of stuff via E-Bay and have a small pile in PayPal and wish to purchase a new desktop computer. What ones accept PayPal? What ones does the Dope recommend?

I’m not looking for a gamer computer, just a desktop that I can fit three hard disks in, preferably one with a quad processor. The one I’m on at the moment has an Intel Q8300 in it and I’m very happy with it. I prefer to buy a pre-assembled system that is made of components that have been tested to work together well. I need something similar for my other apartment.

With verified address, lots of them will. Try or double check that they will ship to you; I live in Canada so I use for instance.

I’d second the recommendation for newegg, assuming they take PayPal. If they don’t, and you have a US-based PayPal account, I believe you can have PayPal issue temporary Debit Card numbers that can be used for online transactions with places that don’t take PayPal directly.

Tragically, that is no longer true. They eliminated that program - right around the time they started pushing traditional credit card crap on PayPal.

With a 20% APR!!

Yes, they take PayPal.