Computer question - how to find a driver

My mother has a Compaq C751NR laptop that has an ISATAP #4 network whatever-it-is. There is an “Error 31”, which means that it needs a driver update. The Compaq/HP site doesn’t show that driver for this computer, and I can’t download it from the Microsoft website because Microsoft refuses to believe that such a thing is possible. (I’ve been reading the MS TechNet boards. The posters there insist that there is a problem, and MS people are denying it.)

How can I find the correct driver so I can fix the problem? I’m sick of listening to my mother complain.

Shouldn’t you be able to go to download microsoft isatap 4 adapter driver or other such site and download the correct one for your OS?

The only download site I found that had the MS ISATAP driver re-directs you to a site telling me to check for updates through the Update utility.

Try a trial version of driver genious

If you want to bitch someone out, bitch at HP, they are responsible for having drivers for their hardware. Bitching at MS is silly, they have no idea what a PC manufacturer is going to put their stuff on.

What version of windows? IF XP , HP may not have ever released a driver for it. If vista 32 or 64 bit.


Ignore it.

It’s Vista 32 bit.

I tried Driver Genius, which found updates for the other network devices. Just not this ISATAP nonsense.

I’m going to try re-installing the driver from some other source. Wish me luck!