Computer question - Mac iMovie '08, ver. 7.1.4 (585)

Does anyone out there use the iMovie program enough to help me out? I’m using iMovie 7.1.4, better known as iMovie '08.

I have a video of me singing, and I want to add subtitles. Because it’s music, I don’t want to break it into clips because the sound is supposed to be continuous. I do want to add a line by line translation with subtitles, but iMovie refuses to do more than one title per clip. Does anyone know of a work-around that doesn’t involve cutting up the original video? Please let me know…

Just break it into clips.
They get seamlessly combined on the timeline.

Do you mean it won’t do more than one subtitle track?

I just looked at my copy of iMovie and I’m not sure how to add subtitles at all. In VLC Media Player, I can open a subtitle track alongside the movie file and play the two simultaneously. It looks like I can also save the video along with the open subtitles.