Computer question

I am currently running an IBM Netvista which is two years old------and, until now, problem free.

Lately it has develop-ed an affection for the state of “Lock-up” or “Freeze”.

This happens as frequently as four times in an hour--------always when I’m on AOL.

My question is whether it’s a computer problem or an internet problem.

Have any other Netvista users experienced this condition----and,of so, what was the remedy?

Please refrain from suggesting that I take the machine aft and pitch it off the fantail—such disposals ,and many others, have already occured to me.
Any help based on experience or expertise will be appreciated.


It is a computer problem rather than a website problem although it seems to be triggered by something on that site. I would try to update my browser first. If their is a new release, great. If not, try to add whatever patches have been released. What browser are you using? You could also try downloading a free browser such as Opera (I think it is still free for personal use) and that will probably take care of the problem.

Lockups are generally a lack of available RAM issue so you need to put on your detective hat and try to figure out what is eating up your available RAM.

The first thing I usually do in a situation like this is to have a look at the system tray. Over time, people tend to accept and/or download more and more garbage that likes to run in the system tray and all of it is taking a bite our of your system resources. So I would right click the icons you find in the system tray and turn them off to see if that doesn’t solve the problem. If it does, then you can stop them from loading in the first place by going to “Start” -> “Run” and type in “msconfig” (without the quote marks) and click on the OK button. This will open the System Configuration Window and you can go to the Startup tab and uncheck the boxes for the stuff that is loading in your system tray that you don’t really need and that is eating up resources.

If turning off the stuff in the system tray doesn’t help or solve the problem, then you have deeper issues and other approaches will be necessary.

To D.Duck and S.Nasty

Thanks for your help—and for jogging the memory.

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You’ve bneen a great help and,again,

Thanks a Giga