Computer Sex Games

I’ve played a few computer sex games, but the one I liked was Sex Jack, where you played against a partner in blackjack, and depending on who won or lost, one partner had one thing to do to another. I lost my copy and was looking for it. Anyone remember this? Anyone know of any other fun couples games?

Try 4Play here:

Better yet, go here:

There’s a fun game we downloaded off the net one day called Intersections (except I think they worked the word sex in there somehow… Intersexions?)

Anyway, you choose your level of ah, play (can even choose to keep it girl-guy or go completly random). Its a lot like monopoly. When you land on someone else’s property you have to pay with sex acts. You start out with (and can earn more) passes, so you have the option of passing instead of paying. I remember oral sex and “bark like a dog and sniff the (property) owner’s crotch” as being two of the payments.

Honestly, we only played a pretend game to see what silly stuff it would come up with and it was a few years ago, so I don’t remember the details all that well.