Computer tech help saught. Please?

Okay, so yesterday everything worked fine. All the images and graphics loaded and my internet surfing experience was swell.

Today something’s wrong. I go to an invisionfree board for this online game I play (hey guys, I’m seeking help, btw) and none of the graphics loaded. All the images, buttons, emoticons, pictures, avatars, stickies, user images, graphics, and post icons were all blank squares (or rectangles) with little white squares inside them, and red Xs in the middle of those. I went to another board and it was all over there too. A phbb board had the same thing.A proboards board, given the glance over, worked.

I go to a random website, and everything’s messed up. Yahoo, works fine, and another random website did too.

This picture of sancour loaded and worked.

I’d say it might have had something to do with cookies -most forums work with them and the ones that didn’t work I had set it so that I’m automatically logged on, like this one. That picture didn’t seem to work on cookies, and Yahoo usually doesn’t, unless you’re logged in or something. But this web page is also hit by it.

Clearing out all my temporary internet files and cookies doesn’t seem to have done anything -maybe it just made the beast madder. For what it’s worth, this board works -except the 15 minutes it took for me to get from IMHO to here, which ended up being IMHO to main page, to here. But the Monday night pressure-induced hamster suicide is another story and I digress.

Help please? Pretty please?

Every once in awhile (well, like twice) I have run into this problem. I do one of two things: Write it off to ISP problems (Comcast can slow to a crawl at times), if pics usually come back up in a reasonable time. Or else I reboot. It doesn’t seem to be a lasting problem, so I don’t worry too much.

Reboot, eh? That’s so crazy it just might work.

You understand that actually telling us the OS and browser you’re using, including version #s, would be a big help, don’t you? Ditto hardware, net access method, etc.

Are the websites that you are having problems with , mainly java based ?


…and a late reply. The ol’ Three-Finger-Salute" fixed everything, right?

<insert babble about java, caches, refreshing, browsers, and OSes here>

One possibility is that your computer is accessing the net through your ISPs proxy service and that their cache is messed up; (assuming you’re using IE) Click on Tools>Internet Options>Connections>(select your account)>Settings.

See if ‘Use a Proxy Server’ is checked.

(If it is, try unchecking it, then restarting)