Computer - why does the SDMB keeps crashing my IE 5.0?

This is a really vexing problem. The day after I reformat my hard disk and re-install IE 5.0, the Message Board will keep crashing, causing a fatal error in URLDOM.DLL (or something like that).

Any suggestion? The crash is random, as far as I can tell, and only on the SDMB…

Computer – archway!


Anyway, try to isolate the problem. Does the problem occur when you disable scripting?

Er, Java Scripting? (I got the latest version of Java installed) JIT complier? I don’t know ~ I wonder if that help 'cos the SBDM doesn’t load any Java applets…

Or you were meaning something else?

System Specs:
Windows 98
500mhz with 512mb RAM
IE 5.0

Here’s the error detail:

I’m using IE 5.0 and Striaght Dope is loading fine.

Win 98
512 RAM

That link may hold a registry-editing solution.

Now might be a great time to switch over to Mozilla or Opera. It would probably give you a working browser (though not solving your problem).

Get a better version of IE, its free or use Netscape 7…seems the version you have cant handle the board.