Crashing browser

I have tried five times to open the thread by Scylla in the pit entitled “I am 42 pounds over my ideal weight” (or something like that), and each time it crashes my browser. What gives? (I’m using IE 5 on Windows 2000).

Works fine for me. However, I find the International section of the NY Times crashes mine sometimes. It’s a pain.

ENugent - it’s easier for us to investigate these issues when you provide a link to the offending thread.
I found the thread of which you speak, and was able to open it without any problem.

I’ve had it happen (IE 5.5) too. It doesn’t seem to be thread linked so much as board-load linked. When things are really bogged down, sometimes it just seems to give up and crash.

I guess it depends on what you mean by “crash”. I sometimes use IE 5.00.3315.5000 on Windows 2000 5.00.2195 and my browser never “crashes”, but it does hang and/or return an error message.

My definition of crash was a pop-up box saying IEXPLORE.EXE caused an error, followed by some computer gibberish. When I hit OK, all IE windows close.

Well I guess I would call that a crash. :frowning: I don’t understand why a lack of response from the server would cause the browser to crash.

It happened again after I posted that. I had three SD windows open (view new posts, a thread I was doing research on, a thread I was waiting to load) and I was working in another window browsing Crutchfield’s site. When the crash happened, all my SD windows closed, but the Crutchfield window was fine.

Very strange.