Concert of the Mind in NC- anyone have information?

Hey all-
Over the weekend I won tickets to a 3 day Memorial day music festival featuring some huge name (IMHO) artists- check it out:

What’s on Tap for the weekend…

IT’S CONCERT OF THE MIND! It all stared as an idea…a love of music…and a barren field of dreams…Year 1: Woodstock of the Millenium…Year 2: from the Entertainment Capitol of the State! and now, Year 3: from CENTRAL PARK IN DOWNTOWN KING, NORTH CAROLINA!! 2 Stages with the eagels, bryan adams, aerosmith, zz top, pointer sisters, melissa ethridge, ac/dc, j. geils…nightranger, hall and oates, journey, def leppard, duran duran, prince, no doubt, live, 3 doors down …and special guests metallica! CONCERT OF THE MIND THIS MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!

                               SOLD OUT!

I cannot find ANY information on this concert whatsoever- no website, no nothing. Any ideas of exactly what the deal is? Has anyone ever heard of this concert/festival? It’s about 2 hours away and I’m really psyched, but doesn’t it seem odd that a show with names like that wouldn’t have had the crap promoted out of it? Or is it possible that it did, but not in my listening area? (the station I won them from is about 2 hours away, near King, NC)

I’ve tried searching everything I can and I can’t find any more info. I’m sure more will come when my tickets arrive this week, but I’m anxious to know who is on when, etc.

It smells fishy to me. I live about 60 miles from King and have heard nothing about this.

Concert of the mind.

Think about it.

Hmmm…I agree, it does sound fishy- I just don’t get it, though. Would a station give out “tickets” to a non-concert? Curiouser and curiouser…

I should have mentioned that HITZ94 is located right here in Lexington. I don’t listen to them but I have friends who do.

Nary a word.

Double weird- They’ve been talking about the concert for a while now on the station- “Concert of the Mind” sponsored by Great Clips (the hair place), but they wouldn’t say who was coming. I mean, how can you have a music fest and not promote it?

Also, my friend Chad said that King is a RINKY DINK town- tiny, tiny.

If it’s not true, I’m just baffled at their motivation for doing this- it makes no kind of sense. Talk about bad PR if you say people have tickets to a concert and it doesn’t exist…

More info if anyone is interested-

Vix found some possible info-

check out the “Fantasy Park” part.

Wow, what a lousy prank to play on listeners- I nearly cancelled my plans for the weekend and got really excited. Now I feel foolish as hell.

Sure enough- a publicity stunt, confirmed by a station staff member. What assholes!

I’ll get a mod to close.