Confusing posters as similar names. (astorian & asterion)

I know **astorian **as he often posts in sports threads, especially baseball and of course Simpson threads. He is a charter member and has a fair amount of posts but not a huge number. Or do I know **asterion **instead?

I just noticed for the first time there are two seperate Charter Members I pleasantly interact with on the boards. They have about the same number of posts but **astorian ** is the sports fan and **asterion ** is the Simpsons fan.

What are some other confusing pairs. I know a few posters confuse my username with **WhyNot **and **What the … !!! **


Lately Quasimodem and Quasimodal posts have been confusing the hell out of me.

I don’t know if I post here enough to be confused with anyone, but there is this lust4life person floating around.

I confuse myself with Kal sometimes, in a “Wait, I don’t remember posting that” way.

We’ve got a monster, a Monstre, and a monstro. And Monstera deliciosa.

Which is who? I know there are two different posters with those similar names but I forget how to tell the difference by name only.

**lust4life **is the Brit I think. Is that right? I don’t have you tagged in my head at all I think.

Quasimodal is a 26-year-old teacher, Quasimodem is a music fan and maybe sometime gamer who was diagnosed recently with Early Onset Alzheimer’s.

I do the same thing with KRC.

Me, too, with freekalette.

I think I was confused with Carol Stream once - given our very different values I’m not sure either of us would feel good about that.

I for one would never make that mistake with you. The names could as well be “Night” and “Day”.

I sometimes do a bit of a double take when I see a post by Sateryn76.

Yep I’m as English as tea and fish and chips.

My Ghast was well and truly flabbered the first time that I became aware that there was a poster called lost4life now I’m expecting any day soon to come across someone called lest4life.

Perhaps we could start a club or something.

Ghast? I don’t understand its use in your post.

BTW: I hope Brit was not unintentionally insulting. I use it in the same way I expect Yank to be used. I think I verified it is not insulting or at least not from an American.

You’ve never been flabberghasted? You’ve never lived.

People keep confusing me for WhyNot, which is silly as we’re nothing at all alike.

Particularly since she shaved her beard.

::runs and hides::

Doh! :smack: I just whooshed myself again.

I can see the confusion but I feel like I know and like **WhyNot **too well to confuse her with anyone else. I’m sure it happens often though.

There’s a couple of JSomethings, like JSexton, JThunder, JShore, and I believe one more that I’m having difficulties telling apart. Also, I think I tend to throw the inquisitive Ws all in one bucket – What Exit? and WotNot above, WhyNot, and I think there’s a What The…?! or something, too.

Fairly recent related thread.

Sometimes i confuse myself with Critical1, i always get this weird “wth i don’t remember saying that” feeling when reading his posts.

For people who momentarily mistake someone else’s name for their own…

the trick is to click on your own user profile, and no one elses. That way, your name will be the colour of a recent link, grey in my case. Success!

Wont work for everyone (shared computes, for instance) but still, you’re welcome. :slight_smile: