Posters you've gotten confused many times

John_Mace and JohnClay.

Wtf. Mace has always sounded very intelligent and I was always surprised how fucking nuts he sounded when talking about chicks. Until I saw the pit thread by JohnClay today. I realized that I was attributing clay posts to mace.

Who do you sometimes confuse without a double take?

There’s the obvious Argent Towers / Agent Foxtrot thing. Quasimodem and Quasimodal. Definitely a few others.


Sometimes I see a post by** cochrane **and from just skimming the screen, I think it’s me. I read the post and go “wha…? Oh. I didn’t write that.”

Ditto for me and Learjeff.

There are posters Tripler and TriPolar. While Tripler sounds like a reasonably nice guy, TriPolar seems to be superlatively witty, suave, and devilishly handsome, so I don’t have trouble telling them apart.

I do believe there is an MLS on the board. Sometimes people refer to me by my initials and I think that MLS is also in the thread. WhyNot has a poster with similar name, threw me for a loop once or twice.

Sam Stone and The Second Stone


asterion and astorian. Since neither names are real words anyway, it makes it more difficult to remember who is who.

Cicero and Cesario. Ha!

We’ve done this one numerous times over the years.

The two which threw me for a loop: noticed Mangetout pretty early on, but soon noticed another poster whose handle I also assumed was derived from French, Mangeorge. At first I thought it was Mange Ogre (mangy ogre?), but only later noticed the spelling wasn’t like that, leaving me a bit nonplussed-in my mind anytime I’d come across it, I’d pronounce it “Manjy Orje”. Only much later did it dawn on me that it was meant to be Man George, and not French-derived at all.

On that same note, Der Trihs’ is most definitely not German.

People are always confusing me with **Stranger On A Train **.

What? Oh I thought you said mollusk…

I do that with shiftless.

Add in Trinopus and you get my most frequently confusing trio.

I could never confuse John Mace and JohnClay, but I sometimes have to think about John Mace vs. John DiFool. Also, for some reason I get Loach and Leaffan mixed up.

My username used to be Aesiron. They confused me, too.

I think I’ve been confused for stoid a few times.

mnemosyne and Mnemnosyne. At first I thought that mnemosyne had changed her name to be capitalized.

I am always confusing pancakes3 with myself. I’ll start reading a post, and thinking “Did I really say that?”

Come to think of it, nobody’s ever seen the two of us together.

And for me and AndrewL

Well, it’s not like I’m doing it on purpose, you know.
(Actually, it’s exactly like that. You get your laughs where you can.)