Congratulations, John McCain?

I think he maybe made it through a whole weekend without a major fuckup. Did I miss anything?

That magazine article wasn’t Good News. (The one where he said health insurance should be deregulated “like banks.”)

Oh jeez. I hadn’t heard that one 'til just now.

Yeah, I should have included a link. And a link to the commercial the Obama camp made is here.

Well, he might have a point if the claim that he really meant that it should be possible to sell healthcare across state lines is true. Then again, I have this feeling it’d wind up like the credit card industry, with everything concentrated in a state like Delaware due to lax laws. In any case, that does not come across as sounding good and can be easily distilled down into a talking point, whether fair or not to the substance of the article. After all, how many times has there been an article in a science journal such as Science or Nature that has been taken completely out of context by the media?

Unfortunate timing, that it was released now, when he wrote it, “deregulation” was not a synonym for goat leprosy.

The only reason MCcain is still in the race is because of Palin. Start recruiting now Republicans. One more thing. Obama? Learn to laugh and make fun of yourself a little bit. Did nobody have fun at Harvard?

Well, there was the conference call that his guys called, for the purpose of taking the media to task for unfair criticism that the McCain campaign stretches the truth. Only problem was that the McCain spokesman on the conference call, uh, mispoke a bit…

[Out of respect for the SDMB’s copyright policy, I’ve not tried to quote the details of the article, but it’s an interesting read if you follow the link.]

How many "He meant to say…"s does McCaint’s campaign get before they just throw in the towel?

Hmmm…it makes me think they’re trying to smear Obama by throwing crap at the wall and hoping something sticks. Onbama’s popularity is a bad thing for McShame and he doesn’t have any ammo to fire at him. So they’re clutching to every bit of minutae they can trying to get the media to do the job for them.

Because, you know, if your positions and past record aren’t helping you win an election just smear the other guy. The SOP for the GOP.

He looked like a deer in the headlights when questioned about his economic advisor who was a lobbyist paid $30K a month by Freddy and Fanny to lobby McCain for deregulation and favorable legislation. I’m not sure McCain even knew about it. All McCain could manage to stutter out was “well, uh, he doesn’t do that anymore”. The hypocrisy of badmouthing “politics as usual” while your entire staff and probable cabinet are lobbyists and hacks like Sen. Phil Gramm is breathtaking in its ballsiness.

From the thread title, I thought you were going to say he had just become the father of an illegitimate black baby.

You know why the media nitpicked McCain’s people on trivial details, right? Because they are in the tank for Obama. If anybody knows what having the media in their tank is like, it’d be the McCain campaign, so it must be true.

Yeah, he’s pretty popular with the NY Times right now.

Apropos of nothing, this is an extremely fun sentence to say if you read it as “The sop for the gop” instead of “The S-O-P for the G-O-P.”

Yes, I’m easily entertained.

A phrase I’m rather fond of for those circumstances is “How does he walk, with balls that big?”

Perhaps he straps them back, which would explain what looks like a load in his pants.

Nah, I think that really is a hot load in his pants.

Are you suggesting that McCain wears Depends or has a colostomy bag? Because either would be an interesting rumor, if I were to create or spread rumors. Which I don’t.

Good hell. Just when I thought it was impossible to come up with a stupider election-related thread, someone pits McCain for not doing anything stupid. Really, people - it’s NOT THAT IMPORTANT.