Conjoined twins on a gameshow

I specifically got to thinking about this because of a cartoon I saw this morning:

How do you suppose a show like Jeopardy might react if a pair of conjoined twins passed the initial qualifying test and were in contention for a slot. Would they be treated as 2 people and prohibited from competing?

Total WAG-ing:

As far as could be managed, they’d be allowed but treated seperately, including with the invite-in tests. (Jeopardy has those, right?) That would mean that either only one twin is participating and the second would have to agree not to interfere, (whispering answers or guessing out loud,) or their answers would be scored seperately, putting them into competition against each other.

If this could not be practically managed, they’d regretfully pass over the twins sooner than let them get an unfair advantage by participating together.

On the other hand - does Jeopardy ever have a teams week? I know I saw a stunt like that on the Wheel.

It would be cool if Abigail and Brittany Hensel tried. They are 21 now, but it is not clear if they are still in college. Personally, I wish they would become motivational speakers - it is a very highly paid profession with easy hours. And they have a lot to teach the rest of us about getting along. The two of them literally cannot move if they don’t cooperate, which is a lesson that a lot of companies would pay a good chunk of change to have taught vividly.

Yeah, they would be a perfect example of who I could envision actually competing fairly well on Jeopardy.

Game show shmame show. What if one of them commits a crime for which they should be sent to prison?

Dunno, but I understand Brittany Hensel is engaged. When she marries, is her husband a bigamist? Will Abby marry as well, or would she consider herself already married to the same man as her sister? Does he only get to kiss one of the sisters, caress one breast, stroke one thigh? There is no denying that when Brittany and her betrothed make love, his penis is in a vagina that is shared with her sister.

Of course, the cartoon has changed since yesterday. Here’s the link to the comic in question:

They are two mentally-independent people sharing one body–in the wiki article it states that they had to take two tests to both get their driver’s licenses (even though they can each only control the same half of what’s going on in the car). A lot of what you’re asking is something that they negotiate between the two of them (they may already have worked out arrangements regarding sex, given their age). But no, they are not both marrying the guy. Just Brittany is. Abigail would be free to marry someone else in the future. Whoever it is would have to be cool with sharing the vagina, so to speak.

Reality show!

Since they don’t share much of anything about their private lives, we don’t *really *know - but I highly doubt only Brittany is the only one romantically involved in this relationship. Since polygamy is illegal, ONE of them has to sign the papers.

They have two separate spinal columns. I recall in the documentary that to drive each girl controlled a different limb. Even walking was a huge deal because each girl controlled a leg. Somehow they make it work.

I’ve wondered if both girls can feel their vagina. It all depends on whether the nerves go through both spinal columns. They may not. Could be only one lucky girl does.

Marriage will certainly be awkward. Especially when the second girl marries. Two guys trying to share the same bed with the twins.

They have resisted being examined more closely than necessary for their own health. But they really are amazing - they walk, run, swim, play sports, drive and type. The pair seems to be as capable as any non-conjoined individual.

From what I understand, their torso and legs are evenly bisected. There is some overlap of feeling in the middle area, a fuzzy middle where both can feel something. I presume they each have feeling in one half of their shared vagina, and most of it may fall in the fuzzy zone.

All the reports on Brittany Hensel’s engagement seem to be from 2009, and I haven’t seen any information newer than that. I wonder if they got married and are just staying out of the spotlight, or if it was all a hoax.

We covered that a few months ago.

Did Chang and Eng, the original “Siamese twins,” both have sensations from their shared penis? (They had 10 and 11 children, respectively). Do most conjoined twins share sexual sensations from their genitalia?

“Shared penis”? The only thing connecting them was a band of cartilage at chest level. Otherwise, they were quite separate.

Ah, I remembered wrongly. Thanks. My second question stands.


Since they were two seperate people, except for that band of cartilage, I’m assuming they had seperate feelings in their genitals.

Interestingly, their wives were sisters, so having grown up together probably made it easier sharing their feelings about dealing with Chang and Eng. I’d find it kind of oogy to have sex with my husband and always have the brother-in-law present as well.

Are they ambidextrous?
What happens when one dies?
What happens when the drive a car in England? (Steering wheel is on opposite side of the car)
These are two amazing ladies and I wish them the best at whatever they do!