Connecting a monitor

I wonder if anyone has tried this.

I have been looking at TVs for my daughter and was thinking about getting her an XBOX 360. The newer 360s have HDMI connections and most PC monitors have RGB and DVI connectors. PC monitors tend to be cheaper and she would not need a a TV tuner.

I have a PC that has a DVI port and I have a DVI to HDMI adapter that allows me to connect it to my TV’s HDMI port.

Could I run the HDMI out of something (like the 360, DVD player, Blue-ray player, etc…) to a PC monitor that has an adapter connected to the monitor as opposed to the source?

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I can see only one problem with this setup: What about sound? HDMI carries audio as well as video, and a 360 with an HDMI cable attached to it might be a bit reticent to output audio through, say, RCA audio connectors, even if you had some speakers handy that connected through RCA (most computer speakers are going to have only a 3.5 mm TRS connector).

Yep. This is exactly how I use my 360. The 360 comes with a special adaptor that gives you a pair RCA out. Then, either run the sound through a stereo or buy a RCA to 3.5 mm converter like this one to run it through most computer speakers.

I’m currently running one of my Xbox 360s through a Dell monitor. The monitor has HDMI in and a headphone socket. The only problem with the set up is that I don’t have a volume control so had to get some headphones with their own volume control so I didn’t blow my ears up. The other option for sound with my set up is a set of computer speakers with their own volume control.

Thanks for the replies, I did not originally think about the sound aspect. Although some monitors have built-in speakers, they are probably only accessible through a 3.5mm jack.

I am glad someone was able to confirmation that they were able to get it to work on a monitor, although it sounds like you connected it with HDMI on both side.

The monitors I were looking at had RGB and DVI. I am looking for something cheap. I was wondering if I could do this:

source (HDMI)--------------DVI to HDMI adapter-----DVI on monitor.

An example of the adapter is:

How cheap are you looking for?

My new monitor is similar to this 24 inch Dell which is going for $189.00. It has an HDMI input for sound and video from the Xbox and a headphone jack that you can either plug headphones into directly or computer speakers or anything else really.

You can get this “sound bar” for the monitor for an additional $35. So that’s $224 for a 24" HD monitor with sound and no need to converting from HDMI.

Thanks for the links.

I was looking at something like: