Conservative Columnists at LA Times

Does the LA Times employ any conservative editoral columnists?

Sounds kinda like a “great debate.” From some points of view, that’s all that the LA Times has on staff!


Well, Michael Ramirez, an editorial cartoonist for the LA Times, is conservative. I’m on the wrong coast to answer your question with any more detail than that, though.

I believe most of the Time’s columnists are simply from other newspapers and/or syndicates. Aside from the (untalented and predictable, IMO) Michael Ramirez, the only in-house stuff from the L.A. Times is the paper’s own unsigned editorials.

Yup, this is GD material for sure. It’ll be kicked that way purty quick, I 'spect.

Just for shits and giggles, though, I’ll point out that the LA Times is generally known as a bastion of liberal journalism. I can’t help wondering who might have the point of view to which you refer.