Consistent and awful Wacom tablet problems-- help!!

Hi all,

It may take a while to even post this thing because of all the Wacom tablet problems!! Okay, here’s what has been consistently happening. TWO Wacom tablets have had exactly the same problems. The little arrow pointer will freeze on the screen, and it won’t move for at least several seconds. Sometimes, the pointer will completely disappear. Random pecks at the tablet cause little “winking” points. It seems like this is more likely to start happening when online, but then something ELSE is a lot more likely to happen when working in documents. The cursor will kind of turn into a weird version of itself that looks fuzzy, like a bad photocopy, but with colored fringes. A mysterious oval will also appear that looks the same way (fuzzy, little dots of colors. (The same things happen in every other program I’ve tried—Photoshop, Illustrator, Poser, Vue, etc etc etc.) This happened with two separate tablets, and I have uninstalled the drivers, reinstalled them, restarted the computer, etc etc, MANY times.

Has anyone ever seen this??

Are these new problems or have you always had these issues?

What happens if you disconnect the tablet, uninstall its drivers and use a mouse?

What happens if you use the tablet without the Wacom drivers?

I THINK the mouse was okay.

Could you actually even use the tablet without the drivers??

It seems like this has been going on for about… (thinks) four-six months or so.

But it was working fine for a while, correct?
Or has the tablet always acted wonky?

Mine (an Intuos) will work without the drivers, but unpleasantly. It behaves like a very slow mouse with no acceleration - dragging the pen across the table moves the cursor the distance of about two desktop icons, so moving anywhere takes several swipes.

Ick. :frowning: Well, these tablet originally worked fine, but it’s been at least 4-5 months. The thing is that when I got a new one a few weeks ago, it had exactly the same problem-- so I don’t see how the issue could be just one individual tablet. And actually, trying to make it work without the drivers almost sounds worse than it is now!! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just weird, because… hasn’t ANYONE else EVER seen this?? I can’t be the only one.

Uninstalling the drivers is just a way to try to figure out where the problem is. If your tablet works without the drivers in the way that gotpasswords describes, then it’s likely that the hardware is fine, but the driver installation might have been faulty or corrupted somehow. In that case, just try downloading the newest drivers from Wacom’s site and re-installing them.

Since you’re having the same problem with two tablets, it seems likely that the problem is with the software and not the hardware, and just uninstalling and reinstalling them should have a pretty decent chance of fixing the issue.

I’ll try it without the drivers. It seemed to work the way described the last time I did that, but it’s been a while, so who knows.

I still want to know if anybody else has seen the Mysterious Fuzzy Technicolor Ring of Doom!!!:eek:

Are you talking about this? If so here is a video chronicling the multiple fixes you have to go through to sort it out.

GuanoLad, thanks for posting the link to the video. It solved the issues I’d been having with my Wacom. I just didn’t know what was going on. You’re a gem!