Consolidation of threads in Elections?

Any chance the mods could do some consolidation of Trump threads in the Elections forum? There are now 13 threads on the front page about Trump.

For instance, is there any reason this thread couldn’t be rolled up into one of the others? I see this getting worse before it gets better.

I like small-topic threads. Of course, it will quickly be overrun by the same people saying the same thing, but the idea is good.

Why consolidate? I’m pretty sure that there will be many, many more before Trump is done, and it’s an easy way to keep up on the political news, (reading the thread titles that is) instead of sorting through one long mess of a thread.

I tend to agree with the non-John Mace posters. I dislike omnibus threads, and would prefer a bit proliferation. Of course, it would be nice for the topics to be more serious than Trump, but that’s sort of a wider socio-political problem.

Perhaps the best solution is for the other candidates to do something noteworthy, thereby displacing Trump threads with threads about their actions / antics?

IOW, this isn’t a board problem, it’s a real-world problem. As such the solution exists out there, not in here in ATMB.


Maybe it would be easier to just rename the forum “Trump”. :slight_smile:

As problems go, this is a small one. I just see a trend for the forum to be all things Trump, and the trend is unlikely to abate. I’m not suggesting only one thread about Trump, but just that the mods might want to pay more attention and consolidate those threads that easily fit into one of the existing ones.

The resulting thread would be huge.

I am not involved in the Elections forum and I have no desire to be. In general the problem with combining threads is the posts get jumbled together and continuity is lost. For certain threads like celebrity memorial threads it doesn’t much make a difference. Combining 13 threads together would be a disaster. Even combining two that have very distinct conversations can be very difficult.

Indeed. Which is one reason I wasn’t asking for that, as I explicitly said in the post immediately before yours.

If the endless hijacks over Obama and Clinton and every damned thing were curtailed, the threads would be shorter and people would feel able to have good conversations in them. Your pony can be stabled right next to mine.



Trump might want to start charging us a per thread royalty, so there’s that to consider, too!

I dislike omnibus threads, and I favour letting posters decide for themselves if they want to start a thread, rather than having the mods make that decision.

As others have commented, the number of Trump threads simply reflects the Trump phenomenon. If Jeb! was doing something noteworthy every day, there would be a lot of Jeb! threads. The fact that there aren’t a lot of Jeb! threads is an indirect measurement of where Jeb? stands in this election.

Dangnabit, let Donald be Donald!