Contest! Name my new car. Win Absolutely Nothing!

As early as tomorrow, I could be in posession of a 1995 Chevy Suburban in cherry condition, baby.

She needs a name. She is long, large and black. She is b-e-a-u-Ti-Ful.

I was thinking if the name is short enough to possibly put it on a personalized plate. ( My current plate is 1VanGo. Which won’t work anymore :frowning: bummer)

The first name that struck me , citing big, black and beautiful is Lula for the character of the same name from the Stephanie Plum novels. Which is even funnier as I am white (ok, more of a blush), live in the sticks and no one but Plum fans would get it.

Remember baby, this isn’t about fab prizes, its about * prestige.* You haven’t had any of that lately coughif evercough and if you did have it you wouldn’t be here slumming, loser. and it can’t be bought on eBay. This is your chance at immortality.

This name will be on this car until I drive it off its axels. ( Probably a week, but more than likely at least 10 years.)

The small print: I reserve the right to be the final arbiter of naming my truck. It is also in consideration of if the DMV approves of said name for the plate. (the bastiges.) Other rules and restrictions will apply if I ever think of them.


Hmmm. 8 characters, right?


C’mon, admit it. I win.

Oh, it’s 7. Hmmm.

Well, it’s a huge Suburban.

NEEDGAS :slight_smile:

I think a simple “DOPER” would work well.

Perhaps too well.




Dear Mr. Coldfire,

The liscense plate IlvCldfr is reserved for your wife.

Anyother female or gay type using this will result in a possible bitch slapping by Heloise

The following are available for anyone who is not your wife to proudly put on their bumper:

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

The International Department of Motor Vehicles.


It’d be funnier if you were a middle aged guy, but hey…









although i bet that last one won’t fly…


My pet name for the Suburban is Bus-urban, so perhaps TheBus would work. Also good are Behemoth, Lummox, and “Building That Has Wheels”. Or how about “Betty”, short for “Bete-noir”?


Okay, MOHAMMER or…

Ooooh, these are all good.

So far my favs are: NeedGas and HumThis Hee, I love both of these equally.

I was thinking I could do something on the sly with slang:

Bollcks or Shite (or 5h1t3 as it were in leet speek) I wonder what other Yurp slang I could do?
**Frk Dope ** for Fark and Straight Dope. ( Though, in fairness, when I got my last liscense plate, I had a list of 15 names or so, an nothing with SDMB, Dope, or Str8dp even made the cut. The bastiges.)
Even something funny like In Debt or Stil Payn.

Keep them coming!

Seein’ as we don’t live in the same state, maybe you could copy mine…

Then again, Shirley, it probably outta fit.


Lieu…heh…why not just make it more streamline with Knob :slight_smile:
Paid4. hah! I wish.

I was thinking of NoDough


Reading this thread I feel like I’m on Bumper Stumpers.



My Pony

Bertha She can’t be a Sherman.

Suburban Hmatoma :slight_smile: If I were a doctor, that would be funny.