Convenience Store Names

Around here, convenience store owners can get creative with store names.
We have the Kum and Go and the Munch N Pump.

Kum and Go opened several stores in the Little Rock area about 5 years ago.

I haven’t stopped but they seem to do pretty good business.

on trips I get to see Wa Wa. If I’m going the right way. Cumberland Farms is the big local store, 7-11 abound, having just eaten Tedeschi’s. There are a tonne of mom & pop small stores where English is optional.
Belive me, I pine for a Wa Wa within 200 miles!

We’ve got WaWa and Sheetz, and around Baltimore, there are Royal Farms Stores. When we lived in Jacksonville, the biggie was Jiffy, but they were bought out and got a name change. We still use “Jiffy Store” as a generic expression for convenience stores.

Buckey’s with the giant beaver. Its popularity is as baffling as it sounds like it would be.

We used to have a nice chain round here (Chicago) called White Hen Pantry. But they all got gobbled up by 7-Eleven.

When I lived in Madison, they had a chain called Open Pantry. Of course all us college students called them Open Panties.

Pretty sure you mean Buc-ee’s.

Betty is the only voluptuous beaver that I know of. Reminds me of Jessica Rabbit’s line, “I’m not bad I’m just drawn that way”
Wawa is named after an Indian name for the Canadian goose; however, when we were younger, we were convinced it was because when you were too drunk to get out, “Sheven-Heeeleven” as your preferred next stop, one could still manage a, “Wawa”.

Somebody once named some covenience stores Hoggly-Woggly, a takeoff on the supermarket chain Piggly-Wiggly, but I’m not sure if they survived.

I’m going to try to keep my wife from seeing this but if she does, she will find you. :eek:
When I was a kid and we’d visit Granny in Alabama, there was a plethora of U-tote-M stores and–get this–they had beer taps right in the walls.

“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K”

Who’s gonna be the first to ID the quote?

I know! I know!

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

“Wag-a-Bag” always amuses me.

Does the “Somber Party Store” in Detroit still exist?

We used to have a bunch of “6-12” stores around the area, but I’ve not seen one in probably about a decade at least, and the locations I knew of all became independent M&P stores (or were demolished).

Growing up our big local convenience store chain was called Convenient.

It’s still around but not here. They’re very rare to see anymore since gas stations got bigger.

Avoid this place:

Back when I lived in ohio (mid-90’s) there were United Dairy Farmers (UDF’s). Out here in CA, its 7-11 on every corner. And maybe a few circle k.

There’s a place in my hometown that has (I think) a regular name, like the Whatever St. Convenience Store, which might even be on a small sign on the store. However, in giant neon letters, it proclaims “WE NEVER CLOSE” (which makes some sense because it’s been around long enough that 24 hour convenience stores were the exception and not the rule). Anyway, everyone I’ve ever talked to calls it The We Never Close, as if that’s its name.

There’s a Fast Freddy’s near us. Always associated “Fast <first name>” with con artists and such.