Conversations you never thought you'd have...

Just now, my family & I were sitting at the dinner table. The conversation had taken a …scatalogical turn, as it usually does when my boys are involved. I resolved to put an end to it.

I threatened them: “If you don’t cut it out, I’m going to feed you all ex-lax and lock you in the bathroom together!”

One said “What’s ex-lax?”

Mrs. Jim said “It makes you poop.”

11 year old (girl): “Eeeewwwww…”
9 year old (boy): “Eeeewwwww…”
7 year old (boy): “Eeeewwww…”
5 year old(boy): raises fist in the air, as though victorious “All right! Let’s do it!! Let’s do it!!”

It was the absolute joy that got me…I had a bit of a laughing fit. Much to the youngest dismay, I didn’t end up locking them in the bathroom together :wink:

Well, you’re no damn fun at all, are you?

I vividly remember making a similar mistake wth my younger brother. “I swear, if you don’t stop kicking my seat, I will stuff you in the trunk of this car.”

Kick kick kick kick kick kick kick…