Converting Animatrix MOV to VCD

Is it possible to convert the Animatrix videos, which are in Quicktime format, and place them on a VCD?

I have an HP 9100 CD writer, but thus far have had bad luck getting VCDs to play period on my JVC DVD player.

Yes. You need to make sure your DVD player can play a VCD, first. This site,, has a database of DVD players. You should search it for your player, and see if it can play VCDs. Since the specific process for converting the movie differs depending on your operating system, I’ll outline the general process.

You’ll need some sort of software to convert the .mov file into an MPEG-1 movie with a resolution of 352x240 at 29.97 frames per second, a bitrate of 1150 kbits/sec, and an MP2 audio track with a bitrate of 224 kbits/sec and a frequency of 44.1 KHz. I use ffmpegX on my Mac and TMPEGenc with the Quicktime movie plugin on my Windows machine.

The resulting file must be run through a program to generate the VCD disk image. ffmpegX does this automatically, and you can use VCDEasy on a Windows machine to do this and burn the CD, or only generate the image file. Once you’ve obtained the image file from one of these programs, any CD authoring software can burn the image.

Check out, too. It has a lot of information on creating various types of video discs.

Also, if you tell us what operating system you run we can give you more details.

Thanks for the links and information. I’m running Windows 98 on the system that has the CD recorder on it. Second edition, I think. I’ll read up on the links after I’m done making dinner :slight_smile: