Cook-off between The Iron Chef and Chef Boy-Ar-Dee: Who wins?

And how would it go?

The Iron Chef thinks he’s all that right now, but can you imagine the intimidation factor when Chef Boy-Ar-Dee walks into the kitchen? It would likely throw the Iron Chef, causing him to make critical recipe mistakes.

I’m guessing Chef Boy-Ar-Dee would make a pasta dish featuring some vaguely hamburger-like meat, in a tomato-ey sauce.


Chef Boy-Ar-Dee ravioli used to be my all-time favorite food. In fact, my mother told me it was hers when she was pregnant with me, so my guess is it somehow became meshed within my DNA.

That having been said, the last two sauce “flavor changes” have been very detrimental to the taste of the Ravioli and Mini Ravioli products. The Beef Ravioli has stayed the truest to the original, although it’s sauce is now too tangy for my taste, and not a tomatoey as before. It also has a background flavor of cilantro, which IMO does not belong. The Cheese Ravioli, although still very low fat, became much worse, using a much blander and more watery chesse with less “bite”. And it’s sauce is the worst of all, having a somewhat fruity taste (raspberries?) that certainly is very disturbing to find in canned pasta products.

The Mini-Bites (the ones with the meatballs) stayed good for a while, then they changed the sauce in them as well. And, they are very difficult to find anymore, and in fact I have not seen them on a shelf in several years. So the product may be discontinued.

Therefore, I would have to say that Chef Boy-Ar-Dee has more than lost his touch - he has turned into a third-rate truck-stop diner hack, and is not even worthy to be in the competition mentioned in the OP.

Who would win the cook-off depends on how much time they have. If they have an hour to prepare their meals (as they normally do on Iron Chef), the Iron Chef will win easily. However, if they only have 5 minutes, the Iron Chef will be unable to produce anything edible while Chef Boy-Ar-Dee can easily whip out a can of Overstuffed Beef Ravioli [TM], heat it up, and put it on a plate before time expires.

How can you eat that?
Canned spaghetti is soft like jello.

I dunno… Chef Boy-ar-dee can sit and do the crossword for 55 minutes.


Chef Boy-Ar-Dee’s Spaghettio’s alone would destroy the Iron Chef.


The tiny meatballs make my mouth so happy!


I think it depends on the judges.

Iron Chef would make something like Squash Ravioli stuffed with goat cheese and crab brains, in a light cream sauce, and an appetizer made from octopus tentacles and cilantro, smothered in coarse sea salt and fried in pork fat.

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee can only make pasta and meat-ish combinations. I don’t think those Japanese judges would appreciate it (especially that Fortune Teller bitch).

I have to go with the Iron Chef on this one…especailly if Boy-Ar-Dee had the balls to challenge Morimoto.


Which Iron Chef would be the opponent. Sakai (French) and Chen Kenichi (Chinese) are pretty tough customers. Muramoto (Japanese) and Kobe (Italian) can be taken in my opinion.

Kobe lost to a sommolier once. I could picture him losing to a guy flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

Rose, you are just soooo sick…

::gulps, envisioning crab brains with cilantro::

Nah, Chef Italian (cute little guy, after-thought on the side elevator with the bad hat and tomato) would whomp major boyardee-ass in the first press of the pasta machine.

C’mon, can you really, honestly envision a ChefBoyArDee desert?!

Forget I asked that. Honestly. Fish guts put through an ice cream maker with sake…::urplp!::

Oh, gad, I bitterly regret even responding to this. IC fans take no prisoners.


The winner at my house is Hormel dinners you don’t have to freeze.
Why can’t they all come that way?

I’m really waiting for the shelf-store pizza.

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee would win over ANY of the Iron Chefs. The Beefaroni alone would be more than substantial. Let me demonstrate its power.
My sister is a vegetarian, except that she eats one meat product, Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Beefaroni! Doesn’t that tell you something! I don’t care what dish the Iron CHef makes, if it has any meat in it, she won’t eat it. But a good 'ol can of Beefaroni will do it every time. The End.

p.s. Almost to a hundred!

As a result of this thread, I’m sure that next time I’m in the States I’m going to see “Chef Boy-ar-dee Squash Ravioli with Goat’s Cheese and Crab Brains” (nice one, Blue Twylight).

Back to the OP: Chef Boy-ar-dee would have to win. He never says anything. The judges would surely be impressed by this Zen-like quality.