Cool Band Names from Thread Titles

Looking down this forum alone right now…
The Toaster Waffles
Another Ethical Dilemma
The Putz Buttons

Scariest Public Washroom
Satire Project

The Deplorable Word
Ghost of a Dragon

From GQ:
Tiny Spoon
Mad Cow Cheese

Damn you *Gazoo! :mad:

I was going to post Mad Cow Cheese!

Also from GQ,

Strange Glass Cubes
Firearms for Women
Fantasy Baseball
Advise & Consent
Taxable Gifts
Where Did They Put My Beer?

Goat Porn ™

Sorry, Thought that was brand names. Then again, Goat Porn works either way.

From the Pit

Ode to Shit

[sub]Hey, that rhymes[/sub]

The Putz Buttons

Sneaky Poop (Pit)
Going Without Sleep (GQ)
The Jumbled Posts (ATMB)

Linda Ronstadt’s Breasts.


Damn You! That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the subject heading! :mad:

Virtual Dream Booth
Foot-in-Mouth Disease
Cat Orgy in My Bush

From the Pit:
Dissing Willie Wonka
Ode to Shit


Feminists Stole My Girlfriend

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[li]Intense Body Twitches[/li][li]Foamy Coca-Cola[/ul][/li]
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