Cool! I'm the top result on a (relatively) generic google search

Google ‘wooden computer case’ and click the feeling lucky button. That’s me! Ahead of all kinds of people actually selling wooden computer cases and stuff. Probably as close to famous as I’m ever likely to get.

(Do I win a prize for being exceptionally mundane and pointless?)

That’s very cool! Now I want a wood case too…

Yours looks much nicer than the other google results. Some of them look like the “wood” they use for the dash in some cars.

Nice work!

Good! As long as your site doesn’t give me wood, I think we’re all in the clear.

i have a severe balsawood fetish…


Sorry, Gornsnak, you’re not number one any more. Hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes! :smiley:

Dammit! :frowning:

Hey, you were number one when I tried it a little while ago.

Don’t let the naysayers get to you, big fella. :smiley:

Fame is so fickle.