A Wooden Computer! I may actually have to order one: What do you think?

I stumbled upon this awesome wooden computer. This thing is cool! I would totally buy one of these. Infact I actually may buy one from this Russian wood worker. You have to see it to believe it. This thing is really cool! What do you think?

Truth be told, I was expecting a bit of a gimmick. “Okay, yes a wooden computer case. Aren’t I just too cool?”

But no!

That thing is truly beautiful. Far from being gimmicky, it has managed to achieve the look of something which is meant to be wooden. I love the inlaid design on the top, and the elegant little feet it has.

I’m sure it costs a pretty penny, but if I had the cash to spare, I’d be contacting Moscow right away. I love it.

Exactly what I thought when I went to the site. I was preparing myself to be dissappointed, then I saw it. Teh detail and craftsmanship that went into that thing is amazing! I’d love to know how much they cost USD.

дополнительно! компьютерных моддеров!!! И это при том!!!


Very neat.

I thought you were referring to an actual computer made of wood. There is such a thing aty the Boston Museum of Science – a “computer” made of tinkertpy parts. I think it m,ay be the one referred to in this A.K. Dewdney Scientific American column that plays tic-tac-toe:


Wow. That totally kicks butt over the Northstar wooden computer case…

Unless the inside of that case is metal-shielded, I’d be worried about RF interference. And with the heat today’s equipment puts out, what’s the airflow like in that case?

Pretty, yes, but probably unusable for anything more involved than web browsing.

There is a wooden computer in one of the William Gibson novels. Iduru I think.

Also Robin Williams character in Final Cut has a nice wooden computer. The keyboard in that one is carved as well.

But I also wonder about heat and how the heat will affect the wood over time.

Pretty, but with the heat a modern PC puts out I’d be pretty concerned about a wood case warping and cracking before too long.

Personally, I’d be more concerned with my CPU overheating. With wood being a poor conductor, and that case not looking like it has many fans (probably jsut one for the PSU in the back,) you can be sure as shit that CPU won’t last half as long as mine.

Looks pretty, though. :wink:

Couldn’t you line it with metal and put several more fans in it? Sorry I know nothing about hardware.

A Dothan would work.

I certainly wouldn’t try a Prescott core, unless you are going for a charcoal case…

Also note that it sits up on feet, so you could use an internal duct and suck air in through the bottom.

Cooling, RFI, moan, moan. Nothing wrong with wood, and it has some properties to recommend it. Check out my case.

I built myself a wooden computer case a few years ago. It doesn’t look as nice as that one because I’m not as skilled a woodworker, but it certainly looks nice. I’ve never had any stability problems due to heat or RF interference that I can think of, and it’s been running pretty much constantly for three years now. There just isn’t that much heat that’s lost through conduction of the case. Most of it is due to fans moving air through the computer.


You’re assuming the CPU isn’t also made of wood, then, I take it?

::visualizes little wood chips with tiny root traces::

Hey, it’s a Pinetium-IV :smiley:

I’m assuming that chip has to be water-cooled. :smiley:

Seriously, both Gorsnak’s case and the OP’s site show some very pretty machines. They really do look better to me than a standard plastic or metal case does. One question - just how skilled with electronics does one have to be to make a similar case for oneself? (I’m still working off the “magic smoke” theory of electronics.)

No need for watercooling. Typical air cooling of a computer is all about intelligent airflow design. Case material is virtually irrelevant. Electronics skills required are rather low. If you can put together a computer from its component parts and wire up a couple switches you’re good to go. Woodworking skill is far more important.

Gorsnak, I think you’ve been whooshed. I was commented on AHunter3’s Pinetium chip with that line. :wink:

But…but…if you watercool a Pinetium, it will swell up and dislodge the connection pins! :eek: