coolest superhero costume.

Flash-he just looks fast even standing still
Wolverine-Brown and orange costume
Captain Marvel-owah tagoo siam(funny stuff

…Just a few.

“Azrael”, no dizzi.
And Nick Fury, although to be fair a eyepatch can make anyone look cool.

Spiderman. It’s also one of the few to make sense: ignoring the colours and patterns it’s basically a leotard that hides his face, plus has built in goggles to deal with the wind from swinging around 50 stories up.

•Does “The Shadow” count as a superhero?

•I’ve heard good things about the current “Dr. Mid-Nite’s” costume. (I assume he uses a decoder ring, as well)

•The current “Green Lantern” uniform looks pretty snappy.

•Any costume that incorporates a thorough layer of armor, like Tim Burton’s “Batman,” or the various Iron Man armors.

•Spider-Man’s costume is always in style.

LEAST favorite costumes?

•Any costume with a coloration pattern that makes the wearer look like he’s wearing BVD’s over his pants. That’s just creepy.

•“Ethnic” costumes. You know the one’s I’m talking about, they’re the costumes that the “token minority” characters would have to wear, back in the “good old days.”

•The “Robin” costume…especially that versions without pants. ::shudder::

Batman. It is the most recognizable costume and probably the most popular superhero costume, I’d bet.

Some of these costumes are pretty cool. :smiley:

I always liked Spawn’s costume.

Venom and Carnage had cool ones too.

Hmm. I guess I like the cool looking costumes that can fight back.

Well, Lashina’s(one of the Female Furies under Granny Goodness) costume would qualify for that level.

Silver Surfer

Dr. Manhattan

Harmony Bunny

Dr. Strange

Hawkman (he’s got wings for God’s sake - how cool is that?)

I’ve always preferred the non-costume costumes, like Nomad’s jacket & stubble look, Longshot’s 80’s rock outfit, or Daimon Helstrom’s European suits. But if we must . . .

–Jean Grey’s Pheonex costume, (the one with the sash belt) Pleasantly asymmetrical, simple but easily identifiable.

–Rouge’s black-unitard-and-green-vest costume. Actually, the jacket-over-unitard thing she picked up later worked well, too.

–The Silver Fox’s (or was it the Black Fox? Spiderman’s Catwoman, I mean.) were all well designed.

–Captain America. ok, a bit too colorful, but it’s made of chain mail, so that makes up for it.

–The Punisher. Fairly straightforward. I think it’s the white boots and gloves that do it.

–Iorn Fist, despite the fact it’s bright green and yellow.

–Cyclops’ blue outfit with the yellow visor thing was pretty good.

–Doctor Fate. Another blue-and-yellow. It’s just a good color combination.

The things you want to avoid in a costume are:
1: Too many colors. Especially any design that requires you to wear a brightly colored jacket OVER a costume that already has too many colors (Jubilee) or a drab jacket over way to many colors. (Gambit)
2: Overaccersorizing. Accessories are good. Grey’s belt, Fist’s long trailing mask ties, and Castle’s ammo-clip belt are what make the costumes. Too many get confusing, though, and tend to make every characters silhouette look the same.
3: Too much skin. (Namor, Electra/Psylocke)
4: If you have a symbol on your chest, it should be something simple and appropriately stylized.
5: Women can pull off the ‘bulky jacket over skintight pants’ thing. Men cannot.

A good costume should be simple enough that you can draw it in a small panel, should be recognizable with just a glance and even if only part of it is shown or in silhouette, and should not look too embarassing.

For powered-armor type costumes, it just don’t get any better than the original Hardsuit designs from the original Bubble Gum Crisis. The first upgrade near the end of that series was pretty good, too. (The ones from the remake series were only OK, and their upgrades were ghastly)
Bad costumes are legion, but a few particularly awful ones include
–Zaran the Weapons Master: Leather Pants, no shirt, big leather gloves, bondage half-hood with a bright red ponytail sticking out of it. Even considering it WAS the 70’s, it’s a little much.

–Cloak: Didn’t anyone ever tell him that horizontal stripes make you look fat?

–Mojo: My god man, PUT ON A SHIRT!!!

–Kraven: A fur vest, a leopard skin loincloth, and leather armbands. Ah, yeah. He and Zaran should put some kind of show together . . .

–Electra/Psylocke: Ok, forgiving the fact that it’s swimwear, what’s with all the little bands around the upper arms and legs? Some kind of wrapping paper accident?

–Silent Mobius’s AMP uniforms: How many layers do you really need? There are three visible layers JUST ON THE BOOTS . . .

‘He tripped over his own cape! I KNEW I’d see one of them do that someday!’

I liked Havok’s old costume. All black with that white circle thingy on the chest.
Except the headgear. Lose the headgear.


Ambush Bug not only wore a jacket over his skintight costume, he wore pants and a shirt!

Golden Age Sandman: Funky and scary at the same time.
Zatanna’s classic costume, i.e. top hat, tux, and fishnet stockings: This is the sexiest costume of all time. I just drool looking at old comics that feature Zatanna.
Rorschach: Very imaginative
Dr. Fate

Spiderman’s black costume was the best. I mean, the cloth versions, not the stupid alien one although they look the same.

Nexus’s costume by Mike Baron and Steve Rude was great.

I like the X-Factor costumes in the early run of the book. All the same design of bodysuit with an oversized X on the chest, but different color combinations for each member…green and yellow for Jean, blue and yellow for Cyclops, pale blue and white for Iceman, blue and red for Beast (he was hairless at the time), and red and white for Angel. Clean, good looking, simple design that emphasized the unity of the team.

Phantom Lady had a costume that was so cool, I’m surprised she didn’t catch pneumonia.

Maybe the rope burns kept her warm.

Dumbest costume ever: Bullseye. Sticking a target on your forehead is even dumber than sticking it on your chest.