cornflakes 2 either take the stick out of your ass or push it up further so it ends you existence

Now I try not to pit board members because I’m not anyone favorite poster and I’ve made several stupid posts my self over the years but this jackass just pissed me off Now I’ve ignored his other threads like :

Why do people think or feel that you have to go through school and graduation? Skip all that!
How much money have you burned on a girlfriend?

How this cheap and possibly myssognistyc jackass came to my attention is in the game room there’s a thread where if people come across a game site/store like epic eas origin Ubisoft steam

The thread is here :

His sermon is post #673 and contained such “truths” as

originally Posted by cornflakes2
You are trading away your own life (time/hours) for a free game

Originally Posted by cornflakes2
So next time you think of FREE, just remember, it’s not really free.

Now ive had physical problems for as long as I can remember that’s prevented me from doing most of the things that people enjoy and my hobbies became reading and video/pc games .(actually a therapist suggested I start playing Pac man on an atari 2600 to help motor skills and assist in quick thinking exercises and I’ve been hooked since)

I mean would you go up to someone reading war and peace for free telling them they’re wasting their time? I highly doubt it … so kindly piss up a rope and then off …

if you’d bother to read the thread before he decided to spout sanctimonious bullshit you’d fo learned we already know they give us these things so well but the addons and such …

And no offense but you’ve just described almost any hobby ever … and considering some of your threads id think you are the last person that needs to be giving anyone advice on how to spend time and money

But please pull your head out of your own cheap ass and realize that some of us don’t need physical reward whether we acquire it for free or not

I mean if i posted amazon kindle was giving away the first 5 chapters of war and peace free for kindle would i get the same lecture ? i doubt it … So kindly piss up a rope and then piss off please and thank you

Cite, please?

Because we have no evidence that his ass is particularly ‘cheap’.
He may be peddling it for quite a bit more than the average streetwalker on the avenue.

Conversely, this ‘cheap’ price may be an accurate reflection of the quality of his ass. Generally, an active, open marketplace comes to a reasonable value setting for competing goods. If the buyers have evaluated his ass at a ‘cheap’ price, they are likely correct – we have no evidence that it is worth more.

All we have to evaluate are his posts, and each SDMB reader will have their own assessment of those.

I think it’s safe to say that cornflakes2 is not making friends here. In fact, he’s a jackass. Hopefully his tenure here will be brief.



He posted this after chronos officially warned him for threadshitting :

:smack::rolleyes: my title stands …

The poster is clearly a troll and the mods are wise to its shenanigans. cornflakes2 was previously warned for misogyny so that’s two warnings now in a fairly short time.

Wow, I didn’t even know this thread exists!

I’m famous.

Actually, I am famous but I won’t tell you.

Famous and infamous are not synonyms. One would think a high school graduate had learned that.

cornflakes2 I don’t know you and don’t follow you around the board, but your OP in “how much you burned on a girlfriend” was pretty abhorrent. You were given some good feedback (some of it nicely) and I hope you’re considering that feedback. Work on this.


Bingo. Since the OP has been returned to the cornfield, this is closed.