Couches at Costco and Other Random Stuff. [links included]

Ok, the last few days have been kinda strange. I’ve ripped open new assholes for three people in the last three days, and had an intellectual conversation on a couch on display in the middle ofCostco. And then there’s the “Oh my god, it’s a topiary” moment I had at Costco also. (No, it wasn’t exactly like that, but I couldn’t find a picture that looked like a normal topiary.) Yeah, PurePhreak and I went to Costco [for what reason I have no clue]yesterday. At least I had fun and a good talk about what’s been going on lately, and we figured out my german teacher looks like Woody from Toy Story. Then again, I guess it’s better than looking like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Of course, life should probably turn out to be more interesting when Renfest gets in full swing tomorrow.
Have a Nice Day.

I have nothing to add, but I hated to see all your hard link work fall unnoticed to the bottom of the page. So here you go.

So I got really bored during my study hall and decided to visit the computer lab and putz around on the straight dope message board for a little while… I needed something to do, and had to make it a bit fun.

That has to be the most URLs in one post without a mistake. Congratulations.

Wow! Slocum does look like Woody. “There’s a snake in my boot!”