Could Dracula defeat Superman?

We know that when Drac goes up against Batman, he loses. That was established both in an Elseworlds series and an animated movie. That doesn’t give us a real line on Superman v. Dracula, though, as Batman has high-test win fowing through his veins, not blood.
At least when I read comics, Superman was noted as being vulnerable to magic. Dracula is a supernatural being, but I don’t know if he is “magical” as such. If he should attempt to “scrape and lick” Superman, could his fangs break super skin? Does Superman have the stones to zorch Drac with his solar-powered heat vision? Would it harm Drac if he did?

As a digression, are Elseworlds stories even published any more? I read those long after I gave up on regular continuity comics.

Superman finds out where Drac is hanging out, grabs a handy oak tree, tests the wind, and launches that 17-ton stake right through the vampire’s heart (and the rest of his body) from four miles away.

Not anywhere even near a contest.

As with every other ___ vs. ___ question involving fictional characters, it depends entirely on who’s writing/editing/publishing it and what their objectives are.

Could Dracula’s teeth even puncture Superman’s skin?

Superman all the way.

Superman handily wins this one. Superman can outlast Dracula until Daybreak, and then just stake the guy. But because it’s Superman, he’s more likely to find some ridiculous peaceful resolution like finding a planet of Vampires for Dracula to live on and then transport him there. Or cure him or just trap him in some interdimension vortex.

But in the end, Superman still just wins.

Sure, if you assume that “Superman finds out where Drac is hanging out” is a given thing. In his humanoid form, Dracula just looks like any given older gentleman. He also has the ability to change at will into a bat, wolf, or insubstantial mist. Have you ever tried to find a single, individual bat, that could be anywhere on earth? Not to mention that it’s profoundly difficult to put a stake (or anything) through an insubstantial mist.

Drac, on the other hand, would have minimal difficulty locating Superman - the ability to hypnotize and read the thoughts of basically any human being would allow Drac to track him down with fair accuracy.

Best guess is, Drac bites and converts one of Superman’s trusted allies - Jimmy Olsen or Lois Lane, let’s say - and has them deliver the unsuspecting Man of Steel a super dose of Kryptonite. Drac arrives, with a full coterie of wolves to keep away nosy would-be saviors, then delivers the finishing blow to the weakened Superman.

There’s a reason Dracula’s survived through a millennium or so; his toolset is considerably more versatile than even Superman’s.

I mean, if you assume that the two of them are just being put in an arena with nowhere to go, sure, Superman in a walk. But if Dracula and Superman just woke up one day with a driving need to extinguish one another, my bet is on the guy with the bad complexion.

Why is this even a question?
Dracula may be immortal but Superman is the definition of invulnerable.
I don’t think Dracula’s powers qualify as magical so Kal-El wins in about 5 seconds.
4 seconds to produce a thought bubble over his head explicating his actions and 1 second to transport Vlad to cislunar space where the solar rays melt his flesh on his bones.

I’d think Dracula’s magic-ness is sufficient that he should be able to bite through Superman’s skin; that said, in a straight-up fight you have to figure Superman would win, even if he was as unimaginative as he usually is in the comics: vulnerability to fire interacts very poorly with an opponent whose second or third weapon of choice is heat vision, and even Superman is likely to remember his super-breath when his opponent turns into mist.

That said, there is one out: what is the effect of Kryptonian blood on a vampire? Your straight-up fight might end up looking a lot like the Angel vs. Adam Baldwin fight in the final episode of ANGEL.

Dracula loses to EVERYBODY. Seriously, his lifetime record is like 2-35, and the two were defenseless women.

Kryptonite fillings in his fangs?

I don’t know if Superman has the sack to destroy Dracula. If anything, he seems even more squeamish about killing than Batman and the other heroes. We’ll leave aside the discussion for now about whether destroying a vampire counts as killing.
It goes without saying that Dracula is far more ruthless than Superman and possibly smarter too. Further, depending on which version of vampire powers we go with, super-powered punches, heat vision, and Superman’s other attributes may not actually do anything to Dracula…and if we go with the version of Dracula who has tremendous mesmeric abilities, might not Superman himself be vulnerable to that?

A credible story can be made for Superman losing. Count Dracula has mind control ability, and Superman is vulnerable to that. Dracula is undoubtedly more cunning that Superman, and any contest would be fought on Dracula’s terms. The Count is unafraid of a body count, and can throw minions and fledging vampires as expendable roadblocks, giving the Big S (who probably wouldn’t even kill the undead) pause. Dracula will use hostages.

‘Can Dracula turn Superman into a vampire?’ becomes the question. I don’t think a case can be made clearly either way that Dracula’s teeth would pierce Superman’s neck, but I do think the introduction fo the vampirism trait, magical as it is, would infect the alien Kal-El.

All that said, Dracula has little experience fending off those more powerful than him, and tends to underestimate his opposition more than Superman. So if Dracula is unaware of Superman’s heritage, the odds switch back to Supes’ side.

Only if Supes doen’t know about Drac in the first place. Once he becomes aware of the attack, super-speed takes care of the problem before Drac can react. Kal can do it non-lethally, too. Just grab Drac and dump him into liquid nitrogen in a split-second. In a frozen state, Drac can’t change into anything. Then pitch the frozen sucker into inter-stellar space.

Yes but isn’t Superman’s cells charged with solar energy? So let’s say Vlad gets the bite, he ends up with a mouth full of liquid sun and ‘poof’. Hell isn’t Superman’s whole body a living solar cell, shouldn’t even skin contact be enough to kill Dracula?

That would depend on whether it is simple solar energy that destroys vampires, or some mystical/magical aspect of daylight being damaging to “creatures of the night.” I tend to think it is the latter, otherwise they’d even be destroyed by moonlight which is nothing more than reflected sunlight.

These both assume that Superman has the least clue of how to use his powers intelligently, an assumption that goes counter to all canonical evidence. Superman’s style of fighting is “Punch something. If that doesn’t work, then punch really hard”.

Dracula, meanwhile, would have no difficulty with mesmerizing Superman. I don’t know whether he could then manage to bite him, but it doesn’t matter: Mind-controlling one’s opponent is itself a victory condition.

QFT. In a good many of these threads A v. B threads, many of the responses seem to be based on an arena scenario. Superman et. al. have been run ragged over the years by opponents who were no match for them physically.

superman could easily tear Dracula’s head off

Supes uses the heat vision to burn Drac. Game over.

Bats would win if he didn’t mind wasting Drac. Oh wait, he doesn’t kill people…Never mind.

But for his third trick, he goes to the heat vision. Which could be a problem for Dracula (depending on how his powers, weaknesses, etc. are interpreted).