The Hulk vs. Superman

Who wins? Inspired by a deep philosophical discussion I had with my friends.

Here is a video showing their matchups, which I think were all won by Superman.

If Hulk gets angry enough, isn’t he stronger than Superman, though? However, considering Superman has other powers, like flight and so forth, he has a huge advantage.

Hulk dominates Superman. Doomsday killed Superman with sheer strength so I see no reason Hulk wouldn’t do the same but faster.

The Hulk may, may, get angry enough to survive getting tossed into the sun, but good luck on getting back, even if he could escape the gravitational pull. 93 million miles is a helluva jump, even if he could see the Earth so as to jump in the right direction (and then there’s the calculations to intercept the Earth’s orbit). If it’s Banner-Hulk, okay, I’ll give you the calculations. But what if he misses? Goes sailing off to the edge of the known universe where he’ll be lucky if he’s picked up by a salvage operation fifty-some-odd years down the line. And then there’s the question of air…

And all of this is just from Superman’s first use of superspeed and superstrength. He’d be able to see the Hulk’s every move (or lack thereof) and act to counter it.

My personal feeling is that the Hulk would be too occupied from trying to heal the continuous damage dealt him by the sun’s core to do anything else for, well, ever.

The one fly in the ointment of my assessment? Clark’s too much of a Boy Scout to ever do it, so that puts us back to square one…

I think it’s been established over the last 50 years that Superman never remembers to send people into space or the sun for a quick victory or he’d do it all the time. He’s a dummy like that.

Pound for pound Hulk pounds Superman right through the face.

Welp. I just realized I know nothing of comics. I would have thought the answer was OBVIOUSLY superman.

Superman’s strong and tough, sure. He can also fly, and shoot lasers, and see through walls, and, you know, conjugate verbs and shit. Whereas with Hulk, strength and toughness is all he has. He’s the ultimate min-maxer. Stands to reason that that’s where he’ll shine.

If Superman is not a dumbass, Superman wins. Superman can fly, and he can lift something of the Hulk’s weight. The Hulk cannot fly. All Superman has to do is juggle the Hulk until he’s in orbit. As long as nobody flies a satellite into him, the Hulk is stranded either indefinitely or until he turns back into Banner and dies.

When they fight in character, Hulk wins.

Superman could beat Hulk IF he tried to murder him from the 1st blow, BUT this is Clark. He doesn’t snipe his foes with his heat vision from miles away; he doesn’t casually toss foes into orbit - let alone the sun; and he most definitely fights to incapacitate - not kill.

In character, the madder Hulk gets, the stronger he gets, and he’s the strongest one there is. When Superman fights as himself, Hulk will become increasingly invincible until the point where the scales tip, and Hulk wins. The end.

Oh, and as far as battlefield removal - or tossing him into space - the last time they tried that on Hulk, they got a World War as he came back with an army and stronger than ever.

If a quick KO, then Superman.

But, if the fight is prolonged, “rope-a-dope” comes into play, the Hulk powers up, & he takes it.

BTW–while Batman is usually the Master of Nocturnal Battle™, Superman can see in the IR range, & the Hulk can’t. After dark, Kal-El has an edge.

Superman simultaneously killed Doomsday in that one, didn’t he?

Depends on which Hulk, mental-facility wise. The dumb Hulk will get outsmarted by Superman, regardless of how much stronger the Hulk gets from become angrier and angrier.

But I think a Hulk with Banner’s mind would win, even though that’s not how it turned out in the DC Vs Marvel battle, which had that precise Hulk IIRC. Banner is smarter than Superman, and with the Hulk’s strength which will eclipse Supermans’ eventually. No contest at all, all other things equal.

Yeah, it depends on the ‘boy scout’ part.

Hell, Hulk still needs to breath. Put him in orbit or until he passes out and reverts to Banner and then bring him back.

Yeah, me, too. Superman in seconds, I would’ve said.

Which Superman also. Silver Age Supes can MOVE PLANETS, and is much smarter than Banner.

For instance, if the scene is written just to show what a badass Superman is:

Hulk:“Hulk angry! Hulk smash!”

(Hulk vanishes.)

Lois: “Superman. What happened?”

Superman: “I flew to the Fortress of Solitude, got the Phantom Zone projector, and flew it back.”

Lois: “I didn’t even see you move.”

Superman: “No, you didn’t. Did you?”

No, he doesn’t. His body adapts/heals impossibly to allow him to survive.


Hell, he surfedon the hoodof his interstellar battleship for shits and giggles on his way back to Earth.

IIRC, they’ve fought twice now, in the Marvel vs DC crossovers, and in both cases, Superman won. He didn’t say it was easy.

When I was a kid, not only did we have that Superman/Spider-Man team-up where Superman defeats the Hulk, we also had the Batman/Hulk team-up where Batman defeats the Hulk!

Batman throws some knock-out gas at the Hulk and then kicks him in the solar plexus to force him to stop holding his breath.

Yeah, I think it all depends on Clark/Jor-Ell/Superman being willing to to be ruthless AND exactly how much power the writers give Supes. I’ve seen some instances where he seems as strong as the Hulk, as fast as the Flash, and as smart as Batman. Of course, a Superman who had all of those traits AND was ruthless wouldn’t have had ANY trouble with Doomsday when he first arrived; but then we know how that turned out.

I know it’s off-topic a bit, but I’d much rather see Thor (at his best) versus Hulk (at the best mix of intelligence and strength, which I’m not sure how to quantify).

I’m voting Hulk just because the character is so much more interesting.

Anyway, in my version of the battle, Superman says “Maybe we can find a peaceful solu—” when Hulk says “Hulk SMASH!” and it’s all over.