Could I undergo a Scientology "Auditing" and remain in control?

I think the main body of Masons is made of sceptics that “went along with the gag just to find out what the ‘secret’ is.” After a few sessions they don’t know the secret but keep coming back thinking they are getting closer to it. And eventually, when in, they realize what little value the ‘secret’ holds for them, but they are now part of the club and keep the secret from others.

Well, I suppose I’m safe.

Hey, what a deal! I could just tell them all the stuff I wish I’d done, and when they blackmail me, people will believe them. I figure building my rep like that is worth a couple hundred bucks. (Too bad I don’t have it!)

Personally I would prefer if MORE people knew about my sex life…

“…so there I am, nailing my mom…”

Yeah, but the Masons nowadays are mostly a social club, community service type of thing.

What about the sheep? How safe does it feel around you? :smiley:

It got him sex with Katie Holmes? Sign me up!

I also took the the test at the Hollywood center because I had the same curiosity. First I had a chat with the young guy they had out front. Let me just give you some some near direct quotes.

Me: What about thetans?

Guy: Thetans are just…Everywhere…look, close your eyes and picture a dog

Me: Ok…

Guy: Are you picturing a dog?

Me: Yes

Guy: How do you think you are seeing the dog? The thetan is seeing the dog!

Me: …

I am completely serious, but he sure was enthusiastic about it, which led to him saying " Scientology is just awesome, most of the time you don’t even understadn it…But it’s just awesome."

Once again I am completely serious.

I was nice to everyone I interacted with there and decided to take the test with an “open mind” and do it from the perspective of a real confused person who wants to join their little group. Even though I think it’s the most ridiculous thing on the planet.

The test was agonizingly long and when it was time for the results they only told me that I was miserable and depressed. I did answer the questions as honestly as possible and I really am not miserable and depressed…I promise. I did play along and pretended like I was reaching out for help…That is when they said the first step was to buy the dianetics book. I tell them I am too poor and cannot afford it. They then ask me if I can BORROW MONEY FROM SOMEONE TO BUY THE BOOK. I say I don’t have a friend in the world and I can’t even pay rent much less buy the book…They say I cannot be helped until I make that first step of buying the book. When they see I am not ponying up they wish me luck and escort me out.

So as far I can tell in order to go along with their charade you have to be willing to invest in it, from what I am told the seven dollar book is only the very begening of that. So in my measure you have to be of a certain mental capacity to be drug into things like that, a cetain amount of desperation is also required. In other words you cannot really be a stable and secure person with a high self esteem. Which makes it all the more sad about the poor people they drag into it.

There’s my experiences for what they are worth.

Have mentioned before on SDMB that a friend of mine’s life was almost ruined by this insane cult.

Have also mentioned that the phrase “blow the org” is a fun way to piss off members who are trying to get you to interview with them. It is the phase only those in the “org” use when talking about someone who has left the cult. They think you were once “one of them” and they get nervous when you say that to them. Be sure to say “org” and not “organization”.

I once went to one of their interviews…they loved me as my major was psychology and they were sure they could appeal to my psych background.

The problem is, once they get a hook in you, you sign lots of papers and essentially start owing them for classes. At some point, it is like being a member of the book club from hell and when you try to leave, they slap you with a bill for courses you have taken.

It works like this…you get in, they give you “free classes” for doing odd tasks, etc. but the contract you have signed is for a large fee for those classes. So as long as you stay with them, it is free or minimal, but if you leave, think tuition at Harvard for what they claim they have taught you and you now owe.

I think you would tire of the exercise long before you lost your mind. When you get to the point where you are talking to the ashtrays and telling them “Get up” “Sit down” “Thank you” you are either going to get the hell out of there or your are raw meat for their table.

I think some of the early stuff is intentionally wacky so they can screen out all but the most gullible who will follow all the rest of the scam without making trouble. Just how far you can get without signing something dangerous, as is mentoined by the previous poster, is another question.

I agree…at what point do they start to tell you about the nonsense about Zenu, Tegeaak, and those pesky thetans? The basis of Scientology is just so unbelievable-it is like reading a bad science fiction story from the 1930’s. For that reason, I just can’t take it seriously. Do these scientology zombies ever just laugh when they realize just how silly the whole thing is? And the claims about the state known as “clear”-according to Hubbard, a “clear” should be like a supergenius. I don’t see people like John Travolta and Tom Cruise as geniuses…are the “clears”? Plus, now that Hubbard is dead, who spins the Scientology theology now?

I’m not sure what frightens me more: Having Tom Cruise as a neighbor or GW as a one.

Thetans are introduced fairly soon, but the whole Xenu story is OT3, very high. WAAAY beyond “Clear”. Travolta and Cruise are believed to be higher than OT3. This is very late in the “Bridge to Total Freedom” and is only known to the most whackadoodle Scienos. So yes, Cruise and Barbarino are “Clear”. Are we clear on that? Ok. Thank you. I acknowledge that. In other words, you have recieved an “Ack”. Are we clear on that?

When Hubbard introduced the first “Clear”, who it was claimed would have “perfect recall” of all events, when asked by a member of the press what color tie Hubbard was wearing and could not remember, it pretty much emptied out the room, no doubt with much snickering.

Not until you’ve reached the level OT III. It takes years and a buttload of money, or slaving away for one of their “orgs”. First, you have to go through tons of auditing to reach “clear.” Only then are you allowed to start the “Operating Thetan” levels. And you don’t get the Xenu crap until you reach the third level. I think when you get to seven or eight, you’re supposed to be able to “move time and space with only the power of your mind.”

I think Tom Cruise is an OT VII, which probably explains the crazy.

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What Scientologists actually believe (as done by South Park.)