could someone do a tin eye search for me?

I dont have acress to laptop and I want to check out this picture https://m.fac it looks familiar somehow. found it in my facebook labled "this is what a peeping tom looks like after dad of peeded on girl got through with!/photo.php?fbid=10151097586316759&id=60147261758&set=a.10150564692876759.371752.60147261758&source=48&__user=600312653 dammit hard to type on my phone

Dad of WHAT-on girl???:smiley:

Rural neologism. “To peed on” is to harass in the manner typical of a pedophile.

Or it’s a typo for “spied on”, but my explanation is funnier.

Maybe peeping tom is the typo?

Or of course it was “peeped on”. :smack:

Did you read the next article? Man get whacked in the face with a dinner plate because he was listening to too much Alanis Morrisette!

Tineye? What is this, the 80s? This is why god invented Google image search.

Corrected link for anyone who’s interested. And here are the GIS results. Welcome to 2014!

Yeah sorry guys - i dont type well on my phone. Particularly since my phone has decided i dont need to actually see what i am typingt :smack: i actualled meant “peeped on” as in the person on receiving end of peeping tom