Could someone kill with a fart?

Lets say someone farts on another person’s face, or maybe in one of those ancient diving suits. Could someone fart enough… Fart to kill another person? If not, how many farts in the face would kill a person (or an unfortunate pet)?

Although people who have been chased out of a room by a happily sleeping dog are legion, I don’t think there’s anything toxic in farts. They’re about half atmospheric mix, up to half methane, and very small amounts of, um, odorant. I suppose replacing the entire atmosphere of a suit or bubble with farts would reduce oxy to a dangerous level… but the victim would likely be happy to pass out at that point.

Maybe with an open flame and careful aim …


Fart into a syringe, then inject the captured gases into a blood vessel. Presto! Embolism.

Mythbusters tackled this one and IIRC said it was not possible.

If she can kill with a smile and wound with her eyes, I have no doubt she could off you with some well-deployed flatulence just as easily.

Got anyone in mind? :wink:

Especially if she’s Kari.

It’s time for Mythbusters to get a real job.

Here’s a story of a man convicted for killing his wife with a Dutch Oven.

It’s a joke.

How could the human body have something toxic in it ? It would be toxic to the person who had it inside ! (There’s heaps of blood vessels in the rectum… eg thats how suppositories work… the get into the blood stream there !)

Its remotely possible to kill by fart by using the burning gas in the airways of the victim.

Your colon is teeming with e. coli, which can kill if ingested.

Need answer fart, er, fast?