Could this day GET any worse?!

I need to vent this out. You lucky people are going to be getting the brunt of that, since my so-called friends are starting to get pissed at me. (I guess I’ve been having just a few too many bad days recently)

It all started this morning when my cat, Cleopatra, woke me up at three o’clock, interupting a perfectly good dream that included… well… we won’t get into that. Now, I suppose I should’ve been expecting this. My mother an I took Clep to the vest yesterday afternoon and not only did she have to get her shots (hissing and spitting the entire way) and get her claws trimmed (hissing and spitting the entire way), she also had to get her butt shaved.
Yes, I sat there watching while the doctor shaved my cat’s butt. And she was NOT happy. So, she woke me up by digging her nice sharp set of hind leg claws (yeah, they only clipped the front ones) into my stomach.
After the bleeding stopped, it was time for me to get up to get ready for school.
Glaring at Cleo, who immediatly had curled up in the warm spot I had previously claimed as my own (with a smug cat-smile on the whole time, mind), I put on my stupid plaid kilt. (that’s my school uniform. Plaid kilt made out of plastic and a white shirt. If there’s a fire, they’ll melt into out flesh.)
Somehow, I was running late and don’t think I even got a letter into my boyfriend, who I haven’t talked to in a fairly long time. I haul ass to get to school and collapse, just in time, into my homeroom. From there, the day got worse.
I completly zoned out in math class and have NO idea what we learned or what the homework is.
Somebody uncovered my clay piece for the SECOND time and I had to start over. Again.

I found out that I had a quiz in Spanish today, and the moron in my class who was supposed to tell me these things, decided it wasn’t important. You see, on Day fives (yesterday) I have English AND Spanish fourth period. I have to alternate and yeaterday it was English. So, I failed that.
Then came English. We have a paper due tomorrow in the Crucible (movie AND play). So I had to write THAT tonight.
I also have to write an article for the school newspaper (also by tomorrow) because the editor really needed a space filler and the librarian recommended me. (You still following?)
I had choir practice until six o’clock and THAT was a total disaster, which is just peachy because out concert is next Friday.
And then to top this all off, I had dinner with my father, who is a rel tyrant and, as my psychiatrist seems to think, the root of all of my problems.

<takes a deep breath>

There. I’m done.
Now please… someone out there tell me that they had a worse day than me. Please?


UGH! I can relate on cats who try to be Feline Alarm Clocks.
Noel doesn’t scratch, but she CRIES and whines…and actually HEADBUTTS our doors if we try to close them and keep her out. If she gets in, in my sister’s room, she’ll climb on her vanity and knock Colleen’s hair stuff on the floor. If she comes in MY room, she’ll go over and sharpen her claws on my WICKER dresser. (YOu know what happens when a cat scratches wicker? It breaks off in FLAKES!!!)
Or she’ll go in my parents’ room and jump on my parents and walk on their heads and cry in their ears. Or she’ll find a piece of plastic and lick it and chew it so it crinkles.

And when you finally get up-the dumbass goes in, pees in the litter box, eats, and goes to sleep! (She really just wants company.)

Well, if it helps, I get to drive for an hour out and back to a different school every night for the next three weeks, just to go to play rehearsals. Also, grades came, which my parents were none to happy about. Still, I can’t beat yours, it would seem, since my pet’s butt hair is still nice and intact. Sorry. :smiley:

Oh, right. I totally forgot (trying to block it from my memory, I guess)
The English teacher in my school who is reffered to as the “pedophile” tracked me down THRICE today, trying to request a “special meeting” with me and one other student about the Forum, which is our school’s literary magazine. I’m junior editor and it’s all going to be mine next year. I’m getting willed to Forum and the Naked Song. Lucky me.