Could use a little help figuring this out

Ok, so I’ve commented before, somewhere around here, about how I no longer get logged out when I close my browser, or my phone goes to sleep or even get timed out if it just sits too long. I tried it today on a computer and when I closed the browser, I got logged out.
So I’m thinking that it’s something going on between discourse and my phone, leaning towards it being on the discourse side. Can anybody tell me, does discourse treat mobile logins differently than computer logins? It seems so to me. Is there a setting that controls that that I can change? Maybe something not necessarily immediately obvious?

I wonder if you are using private mode on your phone.

(I type that sentence about 20 times a day on another forum that I manage. Apple’s implementation of private mode in Safari has created 1000s of hours of work for software developers and forum moderators)

@DorkVader, are you using an Android phone?

Yes android

Private mode? Dunno, it’s a new Samsung s10e Fone