Could we clone Tesla?

As above.

Do we have the material, and the knowledge?

So far as anyone knows, nobody has ever actually cloned a human. We have cloned other animals, but assorted complications led to none of them living all that long, which would probably amount to your cloned Tesla dying sometime in early childhood, by human standards. Plus, of course, the problem is made more difficult by time: Even if we could recover some DNA from Tesla’s remains (I don’t know how, if at all, they were preserved), it’d probably be fragmentary at best, so we’d need to reconstruct it from the fragments.

So you don’t believe the Raelians did it back in 2002, Chronos?

Neither do I.
Raelians Release Photo of Baby Clone

It’ll be a few years yet.

What Happened To The “Raelians” and Child-Cloning Claims?

The technology might be there. But it’d just be a dude that looked a whole hell of a lot like Telsa.

Cloning does not bring back the IQ or personality.

You mean, if we could clone him, he might be somewhat sane this time? :smiley:

“One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” - Nikola Tesla

No, we cannot clone animals or humans from just a DNA sample. There have been several threads on this in the past. If youre interested in the details you can google for them but the summary is that cloning is a lot more than tossing DNA into a vat.

There’s a fine line between Genius and Insanity. I think Telsa pretty well *erased *that line.

Ahhh, they’re 1920’s style “Death Rays”.

Ahhh, they’re 1920’s style “Death Rays”. .

Well, there are certainly many aspects of intelligence and personality that are genetic. Though it would still just be Tesla’s twin brother, “born” a little later in time.

Why Tesla specifically by the way?

Dude…you have to ask why you’d want to clone Nikola Tesla? That’s like asking why you’d want to build a robot dinosaur with a howdah.

You mean they’re 192…Heeyyyyy! Didn’t we already do this? :wink:

You’d end up with a little Serbian kid. Unless he becomes a NYC pool shark, lives in the wilderness for a year, flunks out of engineering school, unplugs the villiage fire hose, accidentally kills his brother, nearly dies of cholera, etc., he probably won’t be any different than you or I.

On the other hand nothing has changed, so Tesla would still fail. If he was alive right now, but under another name, I doubt that anybody would support his company. Intolerance of “woo” is much higher today than it was in Tesla’s time. People with investment funds take a dim view of crazy-sounding physics claims, and there are plenty such inventors scrounging for funding as we speak. Until they get serious money, we’d never know if any of them is the next Tesla. And nobody in their right mind gives them serious money, any more than they’d fund Tesla himself in the thirty years between 1910 and his death.

Why would you want to? As a band they were overrated…

Even if you managed to clone him, the resulting human wouldn’t necessarily have Tesla’s inclinations towards mad science. There have been plenty of examples of cloned animals with slightly different characteristics.

Assuming you even managed to clone him, the new Tesla might not even have the same inclinations towards mad science. Slightly different characteristics have been seen in plenty of cloned animals.

And cloned posts.

And cloned posts.

bbeaty said:

I wouldn’t necessarily rate tolerance of woo less. He was along during the pioneering era of electricity. So much less was known about the topic, how could the investors tell the difference between projections of possibility and woo? I mean, he could shoot out friggin’ lightning bolts from his equipment. That’s gotta get some attention from potential investors.

Nowadays, I would think a closer comparison would be something like cloning or biotech, a field more on the frontier of new discovery. Much more room for shady operators to sound like they know something (at least as much as the potential investors).