Couldn't log in

Last night I couldn’t log in. I’d enter my user name and password, get the “thank you for logging in, susan” screen, then be returned to the unlogged-in front forum screen. This happened several times. I finally clicked the “if your browser…” link under the welcome and was logged in.

Also, I e-mailed the SDMB webmaster and haven’t had a reply.

What browser were you using? What operating system?

I am glad to see you did eventually get in. I’m sorry you had problems.

Anyone else see this, last night or any other time?

Yes, I have experienced it maybe twice. Not yesterday, but within the last month, I’d say. After the third try, I got signed in. There were no invalid login messages, just what susan experienced.

I was on Windows XP Home edition using Internet Explorer. Version 7, I think.

I’m on Windows XP professional, Firefox 3.5.something on that machine. Today I had threads open in tabs and was logged out when I got a few tabs in. I logged in, posted in the “why don’t women like Pink Floyd?” thread, saw the post in existence in the thread; later when I went back to the thread, my post wasn’t there.

A bit of feedback: Usually on a board with this much traffic and I e-mail the webmaster about a problem, I get a reply. That hasn’t happened.

Clear all your cookies, clear your cache, select “Remember Me” when you login" and see if it happens again.

Posting a thread to ATMB will get you a faster response than emailing the webmaster.


xash, I couldn’t log in. Therefore, there wasn’t a way for me to post in ATMB.

I’ve gotten timed out messages on posts today. They took only a minute to compose and hit submit. I couldn’t get the message board to load at all for the next minute or two on the main menu or any forums.

Sorry, I incorrectly interpreted your posts to mean that you couldn’t stay logged in.

Did you try the steps in my previous post?

Additionally, try these options:

  1. Try using a browser other than Firefox and see if it still happens
  2. In Firefox, do the following:

Go to Tools/Clear Recent History/Time Range to Clear: Everything/Make sure Cookies, Cache and Active Logins are checked. Then click Clear Now. Note that this will probably affect your experience on other sites you frequent, as you might lose some saved settings and have to re-enter passwords, etc.

  1. Update Firefox to the latest version

Let me know if you still face this issue.


Your issue is unrelated to the OP’s issue. We have been experiencing some intermittent server issues of late.


I’ve experienced same problem intermittently for the last month or so. XP and Firefox. When I switch to IE it works. Eventually the problem resolves itself, usually same day.

What version of Firefox are you using? Firefox has some bugs in its interaction with vBulletin boards.

Home 3.0.18, work: don’t know, not current.

Try upgrading to the latest version and see if you still get the issue.

I had the same problem as susan intermittently over the past month. I solved it by allowing the boards to leave permanent cookies (my only exception, I love you guys).

I was using Firefox 3.5 on Linux. I’m not sure the exact version since it updated yesterday, but I always kept it current.

Work is 3.5.8

Are you saying you think the problem goes away with 3.6?

We were certainly having some database/server issues today. Very similar to what used to happen when we were having constant issues.

I could reach the forum main page, but clicking on one of the sub forum headers produced the database error result. Weirdly, I could actually click on an the individual thread within each sub forum that was most recently replied to (ie, listed next to the sub forum name) and view that, but that was it.

Seems better now, and I got that with Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Thanks, xash. I’d rather leave myself permanently signed in than clear all my cookies since this is the only place I’m having trouble. Similarly, I’m happy with my current browser configuration. If it means not accessing the boards from one computer, so be it.

ETA: That sounds more abrupt than I intend. I appreciate the suggestions, but the inconvenience they’d cause me isn’t offset by the convenience of getting here on the one computer.

I’d be interested in reading more about this, but my google-fu is apparently weak - can you provide a link?

Here’s the latest issue (3.6), and it appears fixed in 3.6.2, but is still in unresolved state officially:

Here are some older ones:

Well, one good thing about Firefox is that you can just clear cookies related to an individual site. Go to Tools > Options, click on the Privacy tab, and click “Show cookies”. Type straightdope into the search box to narrow it down to cookies just from here, and delete those. You can shift-click to highlight them all and click Remove.

You may want to consider a plugin that will protect cookies. I use selectivecookiedelete, and have all my login cookies protected, so that I can delete the rest without problem.