Board behaving strangely

First it wouldn’t let me sign in. I would sign in, I’d get the “Thanks for signing in” page, then the home page would come up with me not signed in. Eventually I got signed in after about a dozen tries.

Then I clicked on some threads and kept getting the “Database error” page. I tried replying to some threads and got the “Database error” page.

Then I clicked on the “go to last post” arrow on a the “What bands that are not generally considered one-hit-wonders do you think have only one good song?” thread and was taken to the last post in the “[Mafia game] The Realm of Phere” thread.

What the hell is going on?

We really need a new progressive movement in America

Only problem is trying to access this thread-I can read anything else. Very odd…

Is it just me? I’m not seeing any new posts since 10 am.

The Dope’s been off and on for the past hour, Czar.

For me it says, “Oops. Google Chrome can’t find this page…”


Getting this a LOT today. Is it just on my end or something with the SDMB itself? Is one of the hamsters on leave, perhaps?

I’ve just started getting “permission error” on both my iPhone & iPad but I am ok posting from the iPad browser.

And now this thread isn’t showing up in the forum list.

It appears that nothing appears in my view of the SDMB from later than 11:51am today. This is a test to see what happens with this thread.




What the dickens is going on? I can post, but it doesn’t display.


What happened to this thread:

I posted in it, then the thread disappeared. It doesn’t show up in MPSIMS or in a search query with my username. What gives?

Something strange is happening. The main page doesn’t show any new posts since about 80 minutes ago, but if I click the Last Post button on a thread I can see them. I couldn’t log on for a long time, but it just now let me.

Edit: New Posts doesn’t update either. Weird.

I thought it was my computer, but I see Shodan is having problems too. Anyone else?

Same problem-I show it broken at 10am pst.
I started a new thread in this forum about the problem, but it’s not showing on the forum page, and I can’t access it.

test test test

I did the same thing- started a new thread here but it won’t show up. The only way I could quote you was to copy & paste. And when I click Last Post on the last thread displayed in Cafe Society, it takes me to a Mafia thread in the Game Room.

Try sending me a PM-I sent one to you.

Is the board not working properly? Let’s find out!

Edit: It posted but it didn’t bump the thread. Weird.

I got an email notification of the PM which included the message, but it doesn’t show up in my PM Inbox on SDMB.

Edit: PM sent also.

Testing reply…