Board behaving strangely

Unsubscribe’s not working either…will this post appear?

Welcome to the Sooper Sekrit Broken Board Thread, chrisk-pass the word to the other captives.

We’re aware of the problem and it’s being worked on. Sorry about the trouble.

According to both my laptop browser and my iPhone, nobody has posted on the SDMB since noon today (central).

I know that can’t be right. I’m curious to see what happens to this post.

Thanks Marley!

No prob, guv. We have absolutely NO intention of doing anything untoward during this crisis.


My computer clock shows 2:56 PM but the latest post time I can see on the “New Posts” list is 12:00.

Just to get it out of the way: I didn’t do it.

Bumbershoot-I didn’t get notification of your PM, either email or otherwise.

I’ll try one more time.

It didn’t even occur to us. :smiley:

When I clicked Submit Message on the 2nd attempt, it took me back to my Inbox. Neither one shows up under Sent Items.

Marley broke the Board! Marley broke the Board!

No-he only dented it.

Thanks, glad to know it’s not just me

I was running Fiddler web debugging program at the time and saved a couple sessions when the problem was happening, but I don’t know enough about Fiddler yet to understand if I see a problem.

I could email the files if they are needed. But it is time to go nap now (working graveyard). Send me a PM or email if you want the logs, I will be alive/online again about 9:00pm PDT.

The Board is Back, Huzzah!!

I had the same problem. I PMd a mod/admin, and then logged out and back in, and things updated. I’m not sure if things were down all afternoon (noon til about 3pm central time), or if it’s my account…

Everything froze for me at 100PM EST. The board was behaving very strangely just before then.

First it wouldn’t let me sign in. I would sign in, I’d get the “Thanks for signing in” page, then the home page would come up with me not signed in. Eventually I got signed in after about a dozen or so tries.

Then I clicked on some threads and kept getting the “Database error” page. I tried replying to some threads and again got the “Database error” page.

Then I clicked on the “go to last post” arrow on a the “What bands that are not generally considered one-hit-wonders do you think have only one good song?” thread and was taken to the last post in the “[Mafia game] The Realm of Phere” thread instead.

What the hell?

But for how long? For *how long? *And look at all the new threads in ATMB!

Not to jinx it, but I think things may be working properly now. I’m seeing some new posts and private messages that were not displaying before.