Board behaving strangely

Looks fixed to me now.

Posting seems to work, but the time is off by an hour. I just checked my CP and it has the right zone, and “automatically adjust for DST” is enabled. Still, the SDMB clock is an hour late (it’s really 3:22PM, but SDMB says 2:22).

Looks like a lot of us started “WTF” threads!

My clock says 3:24 PM (Central)

I’ve merged most of them now.

What’s the setting in your CP? GMT -6 for central, but is DST auto adj enabled?

Don’t forget the ones in the Zombie thread.

Where do I find such a setting?

Mine says GMT -5, I think.

Yes, the technical problem seems to have resolved. Sorry about that.

User CP->Edit Options->Date and Time Options->Time Zone. Two choices: Zone and 3 choices for DST: Auto, Correction On, Correction Off.

I changed mine to Correction On, and the time is now displayed correctly. But before the board breakdown, it was auto, and it was correct then, so something went wonky when the board went weirdo.

Outstanding - thank you all.


Ar yu shur th bored is wurking rite? Yor spelchek seams two bee brocken.


Spoke, or edited at least, too soon.

I’m still getting logged out regularly.

The board turned me into a newt.

I have the same problem every couple months or so. I’ve gotten to the point where it kicks me back to the sign in page twice I just move on and come back 4-24 hours later.