Coulter Doesn't belive in Evolution

I just thought Ann Coulter was a vicious cunt, I didn’t realize she was a complete whack job. But here she says:

To me, the fact that you didn’t realize this is more surprising than the fact that Coulter doesn’t believe in evolution. :slight_smile:

You overestimate me.

I am not suprised at all, it is right on par with her other sanity-free gibberings. Remember, this is the stupid bitch who said women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. :rolleyes:

…and doesn’t miss a beat in promoting her book, either!

evidently, not enough attention has been paid to her recently.

Juat another attempt at her shouting “Look what I can do!”, and then whacking the hornet’s nest.

I think I’d have been more surprised if she did believe in evolution. Her only good feature is that she’s predictable.

Has anyone read her book? What reasons does she give?

I read it, on my break at the bookstore where I worked. I don’t remember a thing about it except that it was 10% content and 90% styrofoam peanut filler. There wasn’t even enough content to work up a decent head of outrage.

That didn’t really help, did it?

If you ask me, Coulter is an atheist socialist lesbian feminist who secretly masturbates to The Origin of Species. She just woke up one day and realized that she could make up for her lack of either marketable skills or good/vaguely-human looks (thus knocking out the traditional career alternatives) by making up some absurd persona and using it to sell a lot of books. She’s like a Republican politician, except with books, not votes.

I was under the impression that Ann Coulter believed in Ann Coulter. Everything else is immaterial.

True, true.

Why si the SDMB so obssessed with this woman? I swear there are more threads about her than every single other political writer combined.

Ann Coulter doesn’t believe in evolution. Millions of Americans don’t either. It’s annoying, but whadda ya gonna do?

Are you serious? She’s way hot, and you can just tell she’s FREAKY in bed.

True, if by “hot” you mean “ugly, bordering on being mistaken for a member of another species who could use a cheeseburger or two dozen”, and by “freaky” you mean “scary”.

She was on Hannity and Colmes talking about the Republican presidential candidates. When the mainstream press is having serious discussions with people who don’t believe in evolution it just seems like there is no hope.

I don’t understand how anyone can think Coulter’s hot, or even remotely good looking. YMMV, but she reminds me of one of the Gentlemen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Well, apparently several of the people who are actually running for President don’t believe in evolution either.

Yuck. Ugly on a stick, as Joe Bob put it.

I’m relieved. If she accepted evolution, I’d have to start studying the ICR website. Has the twit been right about anything?

Seriously? I find her remarkably unattractive (it’s her face, I think). More importantly, she strikes me as someone who is absolutely frigid in bed. I bet she just fuckin’ lays there thinking ‘you’re lucky to even be with me punk so get to work; I’m not doing shit’.

I hope some democrat cons his way into her pants and when the whole thing is over with she goes into a shame spiral the likes of which the world has never seen. It’d be sweet if it was Clinton.

Regarding the OP: what do you expect?

The idea of Coulter, in any way you think of her, hot or not, smart or idiot, whatever… her very existence (IMO) is the only flaw I see in the Theory of Evolution.