No Anne Coulter Pit thread yet?... Chris Matthews, 6/26

Anne Coulter was on Chris Matthews last night, and Elizabeth Edwards called in.

She (AC, not EE) is just horrible. And she really, really needs a ham sandwich.

Don’t worry, she’s getting caught in the blowback in the Nancy Grace pit thread.

Coultergeist will be so over in two years. It’ll be “Ann who?”

I’d give her a ham sandwich…
Wait… Was that not supposed to be a double entendre?

The bitch has been around for a (relatively) long time. Where do you get this hopeful two year figure?


I can’t imagine why Hardball producers put her on other than sensationalism. Of course that might be sufficient.

If she wants to make he opinion known, and she certainly does, she has her own outlets. Why provide her aother one and probably pay her for it besides?

She goes into her dormant stage, prior to reproduc…Oh, My God!

I saw Chris Matthews on the Today show this morning talking about it, and he seemed to agree that Ann Coulter is a vile woman. And everyone seems to agree on that point. So why do shows like Hardball give her time on the air? Why not just shut her out? She’s free to write articles and books, if anyone will publish them, but why pollute the airwaves with her vileness?

Between her and the coverage of Paris Hilton getting released, it was like Skanks on Parade. She’s stupid, she’s arrogant, she’s a compulsive liar, and she’s just plain mean. Who cares what she says?

It’s just that I get down on my knees and pray every night and I have faith.

Not really, but I cross my fingers and keep wearing my lucky draws.

And I’ve cornered the market on ham.

We should really be pitting Matthews. There’s hardball, and then there’s beanball.


She’s a royal hateful bitch for attention and money. Stop paying attention to her just for ratings. They’re as guilty as she is and they’ll claim. “Hey, it’s just business”

The problem is people still are strangely drawn to her display of hatefulness. It’s the national enquirer called real journalism. When the public stops being fascinated and starts complaining enough things might change. When they have a good show with real info let them know. When they air that trash let them know you’re pissed.

CM: Why do you talk about Hillary’s “chubby legs”?
AC: I need context. Read the whole sentence.


I immediately thought of Mama Cass, so you tell me.

Heart attack. No sandwhich involved. As an instrument of removal, woefully inadequate.

I remain convinced that Ann Coulter is a performance artist in the Andy Kaufman mode. With the long blond tresses and the gutter mouth she has the freak show attraction of a nun with Tourette’s syndrome.

She offends in a spectacular yet calculated fashion to explore how far the dittoheads will follow her out into crazyland; the desired result being that rest of us, her actual audience, may have the pleasure of hating her.

Bitch sells a lot of goddamn books, though. Same book over and over, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

Someone should tell that filthy anorectic whore skank bitch cock sucker that personal attacks have no place in politics.


You jealous? :wink:

They do, however, have a place in Pit threads. Nice desperate attempt at a diversion, though.

Like anything would help Coulter win this one.

“I have cancer, and you’re attacking my dead son!” Ain’t gonna happen no matter what Coulter says.