Counter height baby high chair?

Hey all, we have a pub height dining room table. Can anyone recommend a pub height/counter height infant high chair? Thanks!

How stable is it? Is it just going to flip over if you get the type of high chair that just hooks on to the table itself?

There’s this but it got pretty awful reviews on Amazon.

I definitely don’t want to hook anything to the table, and thanks for the recommendation but will pass on the freaky high chair link, doesn’t look sturdy at all!

We have a pub table, too, and I think I’m just going to put these in one of the regular chairs:

Shame, I was going to recommend this- a local restaurant uses them, and they’re fab!

Even if the chair hooked to the table doesn’t damage it? My sister-in-law picked up one of these for use when they go visiting, and she loves it. Very sturdy, and doesn’t damage a table.

She’s also got a “space saver” high chair that just attaches to a normal chair, but depending what your counter-height chairs look like, it may or may not fit.

I’ll also chime in with a recommendation to consider the hooking type - we have a Phil and Ted’s Me Too, as in Cinnamon Imp’s link and it’s great. My brother couldn’t use it at all though, since his table has a glass top.

This came up on a parents’ Facebook group I’m on, recently. Unfortunately the only other suggestion was to use a normal bar stool and one of those canvas booster type seats that you tie around the chair back.

Wow, with the recent popularity of pub height tables, I’m really surprised that a manufacturer hasn’t made a regular high chair that adjusts to the higher table height.

Here are a couple I found - I didn’t check the reviews too carefully, but they all say they can be adjusted to “breakfast bar” height:
Mamas & Papas Loop
Bloom Fresco (currently unavailable, but maybe you can find it elsewhere?)
phil&teds Highpod

I’m guessing that at least one reason why there don’t seem to be too many of these is that, as you noticed, it’s difficult to add height to the chair while still keeping it stable. You have to make the base either heavier (cited as a complaint about the Fresco and the Loop) or wider (a problem with the Highpod). But if you have the space and don’t need to move it around all the time, one of these might suit you.

Oh, and we also have a phil&teds Me Too, and loved it. We had a regular high chair at home, but used it at restaurants all the time, and it was great.

Thanks, HoD! I am registering at Target, but I guess these are things we can get for ourselves :slight_smile: You gave me a lot of great options to look at and I like the Phil&Teds Me Too for travel and visits with relatives!

Same here.

That looks good, but our chairs are cloth clovered. Does that space saver high chair protect the chair from spills and various disgusting baby effluvia?

It does not. We have one similar to that now, and if I cared about our chairs at all, that would be my one complaint. However, when I bought ours (at Target), I saw that they also sold a plastic cover you can slip over the chair seat before you strap on the high chair. But I think you could just use any old piece of waterproof fabric, as long as you strap the seat tightly.

Here are several.

Yeah, much more interested in just a regular, easy to clean high chair. I’m seriously considering the Loop or the Highpod from your earlier recommendation. I put plenty of stuff on our registry, we will just have to get our high chair ourselves :slight_smile:

When my son was a baby, I bought a standard high chair; I quickly gave it to someone else and bought a Space Saver, which I absolutely loved and used for my son and my daughter. We have a pub-height table, too. We just put a waterproof crib pad under the seat when we strapped it to one of our standard chairs. Worked perfectly.