Couple arrested for having sex in a cathedral

Apparently, not just that. It was part of a radio stunt and a producer of the show was giving a (forgive the pun, but it’s a quote) “blow-by-blow” description of the activity.,2933,60557,00.html



Umm is there any sort of statue of limitations on that sort of activity?

Err can you get extradited to another state for that?

<thinks he’ll be hiding in his closet this weekend>

Yeesh. Idiots. No respect whatsoever, apparently.

John Waters movies are coming to life!! Remember the scene in Multiple Maniacs where Lady Divine gets a “rosary job” in church from the Religious Whore?!

It was on the Opie and Anthony show yesterday. The thing is, they probably would have been let go (they weren’t actually caught in the act of intercourse and I think they were still more or less dressed) except the “monitor” who was sent with them became really hostile and confrontational, and ended up getting them in more trouble than they already were.

And this show gives points for sex in public places? What do you win if you get enough points?

BTW, you get 100 points for having sex with a cop on tv.

Actually they were.

Police said an usher spotted the couple “in the act” shortly after 4 p.m. in the Roman Catholic cathedral’s 50th Street transept, within a few feet of at least 20 congregants and tourists.

Initially, the usher thought the man was urinating – he was standing with his fly open, said Sgt. Gerard Beyrodt of the New York City Police Department’s Midtown North Detective Squad. Then he saw the woman standing in front of him – naked from the waist down.

Heres the rest

Oh, what’s the big deal? It’s not like God can’t take care of the couple if he’s offended, see Romans 12:19.

I won’t even ask how you knew that. :wink:

He is a font of Biblical knowledge. He is very devout. Really.

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I did not know that.
That’s weird, wild stuff!
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We-e-ell, from what my Wiccan friends tell me, in their religion, sex is an act of worship. Still, this might be a case for followers of various religions performing their rites in their own sacred places. :slight_smile:

Oh my!

Besides, odds are these 2 aren’t Wiccans (based purely on what religion most Americans say they are).


What I heard on the show was a bit different from the police account.

Sure, what the hell. Anyone up for singing Hitler Youth songs at yer local synagogue?

Maybe some jerking off at the local kiddie park?


The deal is, it’s an offensive act for the time and place.

What about jerking off at a Hitler Youth rally? Don’t tell me that’s offensive too!

I know this was quoted above, but I just wanted to call some attention to this detail, because I do not get it. The first thing the usher noticed was a guy with an open fly, and then he realized there was also a half-naked woman present? And presumably, since the article says the couple was caught while they were in the act, the open fly was reasonably close to its bare-bottomed companion. How could the usher possibly have mistaken this activity for urination?

Sure Dave. Sex is equivellent to the two things you mentioned, both of which are <i>threatening</i> behaviours. :rolleyes:

You know how some people make lists of things to do before they die?

[sub]Was that my out loud voice?[/sub]

Besides the priests are doing worse things

Signed - attended catholic school her entire life… under duress