Is having sex in a church REALLY that bad?

Alright, it’s a little strange but, if you think about it, Catholicism promotes being “Fruitful and multiplying” so, what’s really wrong with a husband and wife making love in God’s house?

Gee, I dunno - a private activity in a public place? Inappropriate behavior in any public forum? Disrespect? Desecration?

What the heck - let’s all have sex on the lawn! It’s nature! It’s natural! Anything goes!

I guess propriety is an achaic concept.

Well, for Opie and Anthony… it cost them their jobs!

(thunderous voice from above)


Plus, those pews are pretty narrow.

Well, I don’t think the couple in St. Patrick’s was married. They had different last names and lived in different cities.

If you can’t see why people were offended, then you’re really simpleminded. If you’re just a troll, buzz off.

-Man and woman on quickly creaking pew.

Woman: Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God, YES!

God: Though you must attone for this sinful activity in a holy site dedicated to My greatness, the woman is obviously in My favor, and so I shall gift thee with an orgasm so great you’ll go blind.

Thus sayeth the Lord. It shal be donewhoooooOOOO!!!

moto, I can see why people are offended but, as we all know, people have knee jerk reactions to things without really thinking them through. This could be one of those times.

Think of it this way, I’d feel kind of “tingly” if I were conceived in a house of God. Kind of special. It’s better than the back seat of a Chevy.

Keep your tingly feelings out of my parish.

I’ve thought it through, and it’s sickening. One point that I hadn’t remembered is that a great many of the firemen and police officers who died during 9/11 were laid to rest with services at that Cathedral and it has come to be a place of mourning for their families.

Also, as others have said, this wasn’t a married couple trying to concieve a child, it was two people trying to be shocking and win money.

See any difference?

Maybe if you don’t believe in God or the CAtholic Church or anything it isn’t a big deal, but for those of us of a variety of different faiths, it is disrespectful, oh, and ILLEGAL (public indecency, public lewdness, lewd acts, indecent exposure ring a bell?).


As long as they’re just “making love” it ought to be okay but if they’re doing the “walking 69” or have some “man 'o war” strap on or something, well… God’s gonna be pissed.

Well, really, I think it’s as “bad” as any other public place. I just don’t go in for the whole public sex thing, so I didn’t … er, wouldn’t.

My wife on the other hand, is irrepressible, and actually tried to get me to do it in her church’s basement years ago.

And yes, there were people in the church at the time.

You didn’t do it, though, did you. Therein lies the difference.

Opie and Anthony lost their jobs over that one? WOOHOO! I despised them. I have to do a happy happy dance now. Really, I find no problem having sex in a relatively public place as long as it is discreet. Publicly broadcasting the act is not discreet. In fact, there are very few places I would consider public sex to be ok although certain nudist/sex camps and private orgies on secluded property would be a definate exception.

Did this actually happen… someone was caught boinking in a NYC church?

St. Pat’s Cathedral. THey did it to win a contest

Lieu, yes, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC.

Sure, what THEY did was a “show” and there’s nothing wrong with looking down your nose at that act but, the scenary that Gordon Heap mentioned a few posts ago where his wife wanted to do in the basement of the church, I don’t have a problem with that.

You are not really Catholic are you?

It’s not your church, though, Omnipresent. You don’t sound like a priest or bishop. You sure don’t even sound like a lay Catholic. You don’t get to make the rules.

Okay, for the sake of argument, suppose it wasn’t a Catholic Church. Suppose O & A had suggested the couple do it on Martin Luther King’s grave, or or one of your deceased relatives’. WOuld you still find the idea delightfully irreverent?

Sad to say, I remain convinced that O & A will resurface, soon. They couldn’t have BOUGHT This kind of publicity, and there’s always someone looking to hire "cutting edge "acts. I suspect they’re going to end up making a fortune from this whole fiasco.

I guess we’ll leave all the sex in church to the Priests!