"Bless me Father, for I have Sinned" "When?" "Now!"

Couple has sex in confessional. During Mass.

Not really a new thing – critics of St. Peter’s in Vatican City said this was going to happen when they put the building up back in the Renaissance.

Did they go for the full insult and leave behind a used prophylactic though?

One wonders if they did it in missionary position.

Have you ever been in a confessional? That would take some serious talent. Then again, church, miracles, etc.

God is in the details.

puff “It is finished. Go in peace.”

“Ite, emission est!”

I can beat this story, however…

I was made out on the church steps. I am sure Og forgave me already.

Nothing like a good piece of mass. Practically a religious experience, it was.

Was there a second coming?

I’ve had sex on seminary grounds on the outside wall of an archbishop’s mausoleum. Hey, deviant sexuality is par for the course for Catholics like myself.

Flashing on a scene from Detroit Rock City.

Et cum spiritu tuo?

Of course I meant “I [del]was[/del] once made out…” Obviously Og has damaged my brain in retribution.

I just figured your parents were real quick to get at it after the wedding ceremony. :smiley:

Well, now that they’ve sounded retreat, I’m sure all will be forgiven.

I just wonder if they’ll book two rooms or just the one… :wink:

Were you attending the seminary at the time? I think you get bonus points tor that.

I’m not sure we need to know where you have wanked off.

It makes a lot more sense when you realize that an archbishop’s mausoleum is not a building but a person. :smiley:

I now have chana masala all over my monitor and keyboard thanks to this post. Imagine the ubiquitos Linda Blair scene from The Exorcist, but with guffaws and tears in my eyes. [sub]quite possibly the most funniest post I’ve ever read on the Dope[/sub]

Thanks a lot, you rat bastid. I smite you! I smite you until you die from it!

“. . . a good piece of Mass.” I’ll have to use that one. :smiley:

You made my day.